Layla Kayleigh

Layla Kayleigh Says Decision Was Hers, Hopes Kimberly Lansing Gets Job, Is In Playboy

Layla Kayleigh and Kimberly Lansing are the best thing the WPT has had going since Shana Hiatt
Not long after we broke the news that Layla Kayleigh (with Kimberly Lansing in photo above) wasn't coming back for Season VII of the World Poker Tour, the Brit hottie hostess posted a blog on her popular MySpace page explaining that it was her who gave the WPT the proverbial shaft, saying she was asked back for a second season but decided against it for personal reasons.

Says Layla:

"Also you should know that as much fun as I had on season 6 of the World Poker Tour, I will not be returning for a 2nd season.

WPT were kind enough to ask me back for a 2nd season, however after much thought and deliberation I decided that I really want to minimize traveling in my schedule this year, focus more on my health and personal relationships, and they were very understanding to where I was coming from.

Might I add, that I had the most adventurous time on the road, learned so much about life and poker! and most importantly gained the most amazing friendship with my dear friend Kim Lansing (who I really hope lands the hosting position for Season 7)"

As we mentioned yesterday, we're also pulling for Kimberly Lansing. Don't f-it up Steve.

On the good news front for Layla and everyone still wanting to see her looking hot in front of the camera, she is back in Los Angeles doing The Feed for G4 and she'll be returning for a second season of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV.

Layla's also in the current issue of Playboy as Babe of the Month, although like she told us back in December she isn't nude and won't ever pose nude (closest you're gonna get here, here and here).

Click on more photos of Layla and Kimberly looking perfectly hot together below and see the Layla Kayleigh Playboy photo after the jump . . .


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WPT Update: Official Layla Kayleigh Statement + Is Mike Sexton to Follow?

The WPT has released their official statement on Layla Kayleigh's departure:

"Layla Kayleigh brought great edge, whit, and personality to the World Poker Tour as hostess in Season VI, and we sincerely wish her well as she continues to explore her TV career. We are currently casting for the Season VII TV hostess role, and look forward to introducing her to everyone soon."

WCP votes for Kimberly Lansing to be the new WPT HostessWe can confirm that the hosting role is now in its final call back stage. No word if Kimberly Lansing (at right) is part of that final call back or if the WPT is looking to go in an entirely different direction. If we had some sort of WPT super-delegate vote though, we'd cast it for Kimberly Lansing.

Rumors are also swirling that Layla Kayleigh might not be the only WPT'er not coming back. We've heard rumblings in poker circles that Mike Sexton may also be on the outs. As commenter The Truth on our site succinctly noted:

Mike Sexton's contract is up, he is not expected to return (his wife is pregnant with his first child). Linda Johnson's last episode will be the WPT Ladies Night at Bellagio. I don't know what will happen to Van Patton. It is unknown if GSN will renew the WPT contract, the new CEO is alleged to be anti-poker. I think we are looking at the end of the WPT.

Remember the last time an anonymous commenter broke news on WCP?

While we don't think this is the end of the WPT, it will be interesting to see what direction the company will take in the near future.

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Breaking: Layla Kayleigh Out as WPT Host

WPT host Layla Kayleigh is out after one season on the poker tourSoooo...a employee was dining in LA this weekend when a random conversation broke out with a TV producer who mentioned that the World Poker Tour is about to hold auditions for a new host. Or had already held auditions for a new host.

Either way, this means WCP fave Layla Kayleigh is no longer a WPT host.

Fortunately, as far as we know, Kimberly Lansing isn't going anywhere.

Aside from her Season 6 WPT hosting gig, Layla Kayleigh also anchored MTV's popular America's Best Dance Crew, which this season was won by the JabbaWockeez.

No word yet if this was a Layla or WPT decision. When asked for the old confirm/deny, the WPT's not-bad-on-the-eyes-themselves PR team had "no comment" at this time.

Watch our webisode of The Toke with Layla below. And get your WCP Layla Kayleigh photo and video fix here.

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Layla Kayleigh Outtakes from WPT Season VI (Might Offend the Easily Offended)

Remember Shana Hiatt's goofy outtakes from when she was on the World Poker Tour? Sticking her tongue out, crossing her eyes or doing the do-see-do after she flubbed a line.

So darn cute. So hot.

Well, with new hostess Layla Kayleigh making her WPT television debut on GSN in just two weeks (March 24 @ 9pm), a couple of videos have been posted on YouTube showing a selection of bloopers from the British hottie's Season VI tapings.

The one below is our favorite because it has Layla Kayleigh joking around about having a Bindi dot on her forehead and talking with an Indian accent (about 46 seconds in).

Kind of reminds us when another British hottie Danielle Lloyd mimicked Bollywood-er Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother. People just loved that stuff.

Click here for another video of Layla outtakes plus Shana Hiatt's bloopers reel.

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Breasts Spectacular: Layla Kayleigh and JC Tran at the WPT Invitational

Quien es mas spectacular breasts? Layla Kayleigh o JC Tran?

Within “poker circles,” it’s widely recognized that poker pro J.C. Tran has the most spectacular breasts on the circuit today. They are truly exquisite.

However, this informal poll of poker insiders we refer to does not also take into account those who “cover” poker. If it did, then surely World Poker Tour hostess Layla Kayleigh would rank at the top.

If anyone can appreciate spectacular breasts, it’s J.C. Tran. Seriously, J.C. sees spectacular breasts everyday when looking in the mirror. So it should come as no surprise that he knows how to recognize a spectacular pair when he sees them.

What does come as a surprise though is that he somehow managed to not glance once at Layla's top section during his interview with her Saturday night. The guy has focus. It's why he kills it on the poker circuit. That and because he has spectacular breasts.

More photos of the spectacularly breasted, perfectly hourglass-figured Layla Kayleigh and the spectacularly breasted J.C. Tran at the WPT Invitational after the jump . . .

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Layla Kayleigh Makes WPT TV Debut this March, Travel Channel Says WPT Like Crack

Layla Kayleigh is the host of the World Poker Tour on GSNAlmost a year after it was announced that she was replacing one-season host Sabina Gadecki, Layla Kayleigh--who currently reigns as the number one searched girl on this site because she has a smoking hot body and a really pretty smile, and eyes too...they're really pretty--will finally make her World Poker Tour television debut on March 24, when the sixth season of the pioneering poker show premieres on its new network, GSN. A total of 23 two-hour episodes will air on Monday nights at 9 pm.

This is the first season the WPT will be seen on the gaming-geared network after five seasons on the Travel Channel.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to have GSN as our partner and the new home of WPT," said WPTE's Steve Lipscomb.

You know who also couldn't be more thrilled? Pat Younge, the president of the Travel Channel, who apparently is pigs-on-shit happy to get rid of the WPT even though it was a ratings monster for the network.

"We needed it like a junkie needs crack," Younge said recently about the WPT.

"That was the downside of the World Poker Tour … it did bring us a rating number, but it so damaged the brand in the eyes of the traveling community that it impacted our ability to monetize it somewhere else,” said Younge. "We are a travel play."

Which totally explains why the network seems to be dominated by foodie type shows now like No Reservations and Bizarre Foods.

Anyway, Layla Kayleigh is fun to look at. Do some of that below and here, here here and here.

Layla Kayleigh photoLayla kayleigh wpt
Layla Kayleigh photo

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Watch Denise Pernula's interview with Layla Kayleigh.
Layla KayleighWe always wondered what the fantastically hot Layla Kayleigh would look like wearing nothing but boots and a silky pillow case and low and behold, that's exactly what she wore this New Year's Eve. The photo to the right is one of the pics from the night (click to enlarge). There's another you can see over at Layla's MySpace page.

Also, the Season 6 World Poker Tour hostess released a video blog a few weeks ago from her hotel room in Chicago which you can view below. This time, unlike last time, Layla Kayleigh's actually wearing a watch, and at one point, a big ball on her head. We suck at multi-tasking so we're not quite sure what she was saying during the video while we were staring at her cleavage but we think she said something about wanting someone to sleep in her bed with her because she's scared of ghosts. Or maybe she was talking about Islamo-fascist terrorism in Pakistan being a vestige of the West's short-sighted Cold War policies. No clue.

Speaking of British girls with amazing breasts, Keeley Hazell is starting 2008 off with a bang, if a bang means another set of scandalously sexy photos that will get you fired if you open them at work. Check the new Keeley Hazell photos out here (NSFW).

Layla Kayleigh in Chicago Dec 2007

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The Ten Most Wicked Stories of 2007 - Part III

Halfway through the list after these two. Come hell or high water we will (possibly) have the list wrapped by tonight.

6) Micon Gets Rolled, Unleashes the Fuck You Machine. Do not mess with Bryan Micon. Or at least don't try to con $12k from him. Back in September, a man named Justin Smith somehow convinced Micon he was a baller with a big bank account, and eventually got Micon to "lend" him $12k with the promise of returning $100k to Micon for the favor. Of course, that didn't happen. Over the course of the next few months, Micon went on the warpath, uncovering many others who Smith "allegedly" rolled, obtaining and posting Smith's SSN (which he released one digit at a time on Neverwinpoker until Smith paid his money back), posting Smith's phone number, recording and posting numerous hilarious phone calls with Smith, going on to skewer him (here), and hitting the radio airwaves to tell his story. While the social significance of this story doesn't rank up there with global warming or how to ease Middle East tensions, it was certainly a helluva lot more entertaining to watch unfold. Hats off to Micon, king of the degenerates, for the laughs. Revisit the topic thread here.

5) Goodbye Sabina, Hello Layla and Kimberly. While at the WPT Championship in April, Wicked Chops Poker learned (and later broke the story) that Sabina Gadecki was going to get the axe. At the time, we were a little bummed. By all accounts, Sabina is a sweetheart. And not bad looking either. However, had we known that Sabina's departure would usher in the fantastically attractive and talented tandem of Layla Kayleigh and Kimberly Lansing, we would've been like, "Dammit, we're running out of good veins to put this needle." Wait, were we talking about heroin? What happened. Where are we? Anyway, one step back, two steps forward on this one by the WPT. Watch interviews with Kimberly and Layla here and here. Some of their best work below.

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Layla Kayleigh Doesn't Have Butt Implants, Won't Pose Nude, Wants to See Denise in Playboy and Can Talk While Walking Really Well's hottie hostess Denise Pernula met up with World Poker Tour hostess Layla Kayleigh recently as the final table for the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic All-Star Spectacular (WPTDBFDWPCASS) was getting underway.

The two walked and talked outside the Bellagio about things such as what's in the headline above and about how Layla got her gig on the WPT. Check out the Layla Kayleigh video at or watch it below.

For a video of Layla alone in her hotel room, go here.

For a video of Denise talking dirty with Andrea Tiede, go here.

And speaking of great breasts...for how to make the sport of boob slapping boring, go here.

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WPT Hostess Layla Kayleigh is a Vlogger

World Poker Tour Season 6 hostess Layla Kayleigh has amazing breasts posted a video blog today starring her amazing breasts on MySpace that gives her fans a look at her amazing breasts life on poker's most popular televised tour. The video, which she filmed alone with her amazing breasts in her room at Foxwoods, is the first of a series of video diaries that the British born beauty with the amazing breasts plans to post on her MySpace page, which you can visit to see photos featuring her amazing breasts here.

In related news, Layla Kayleigh has amazing breasts.

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Watch Your Back, Prahlad Friedman - It's the Wicked Chops Poker Rap

We are HUGE fans of ourselves. Just huge.

So when all of our scouring the Internet for pictures of hot girls and loosely tying them into posts about poker hard work gets noticed, it makes us feel, oh we don't know, "validated" we guess.

On Saturday night, we got a text message from Nordberg alerting us to watch out for a WCP rap from our favorite WPT girls, Kimberly Lansing and Layla Kayleigh. So we watched for it. We waited. And it has arrived. Part I is below. Part II is after the jump. Also, some Layla Kayleigh pics from a 2005 Maxim here.

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This Is Hot

If the WPT did as good of a job hiring cool, hot girls to work for them (both on camera and in the offices) as they did just generally running their business, they'd be the freaking Microsoft of the poker industry. A Microsoft with cool, hot girls.

Case in point is the Legends of Poker wrap-up with Kimberly Lansing and Season 6 hostess Layla Kayleigh. Note to Lipscomb and crew: a sure-fire way to spike ratings as you move to GSN would be adding a segment to each broadcast called something like, "Layla's Thoughts On Poker While Sitting on Kimberly's Lap." Trust us this shit works. It's a very simple formula. Maybe a tickle-fight here and there wouldn't hurt either.

Link to YouTube video of Layla on Kimberly's lap.
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WPT's Kimberly Lansing is Fun to Watch

We're not huge fans of the World Poker Tour's Steve Lipscomb but one thing the capitalistic commie lover got right lately was hiring pretty girl poker host Kimberly Lansing to do the WPT's online video reporting. Lansing, a USC grad who also does reporting for People Magazine and, has been doing the WPT gig ever since Season VI got underway and has done so surprisingly without much fan fare. Looking at her WPT page on YouTube, her videos on average get just about 100 or so views which is about 14,533 less views than a video of paint drying.

This is strange since Lansing is way hotter to watch on video than paint drying.

For a sample of Lansing's engagingly goofy and charmingly cute approach to poker coverage, watch her latest video from the WPT Legends of Poker here.

Also worth the watch is Lansing's interview with the poker princess of narcissism Brandi Hawbaker, a must view for any would-be creepy stalker who wants to know where Hawbaker is living now in LA. Finally after the jump, our favorite Lansing videos so far, one with Erica Schoenberg and the other with Layla Kayleigh.

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WPT Picks a Brit Brunette with Big Breasts as New Hostess, Not Keeley Hazell Though

Layla Kayleigh - The New WPT HostessAlmost 20 days since we first broke the news that Sabina Gadecki got Friel'd just ahead of Season VI of the WPT, our favorite televised tour has finally announced her replacement, and she's a brunette British model/actress with big boobs whose name is somehow not Keeley Hazell and who looks strangely like a cute, anorexic Nicole Richie on a very pretty day for the coke lovin' orphan, if Richie donned a wig, had spectacular breasts and a really nice ass. Ok, she looks nothing like Richie.

Layla Kayleigh is her name, which we're pretty sure was also the name of an 80's song. She was born in London. She's 23 and has already done Maxim, has pics all over the Internet in her undies, and she's been an on-air correspondent for Fox Sport's "Best Damn Sports Show Period", The Vegas Insider, as well as a co-host on G4's Attack of the Show and host of “The Feed” news segment.

She also was on Al Gore's Current TV, which some of us entities won't hold against her.

Check out Layla's official website here.

Ponder her Maxim photos here.

See her do the mic thing on video here.

And finally view a video compilation of all you'll find on the net of her here.

After the jump, read the official press release from the WPT, sprinkled with photos of Layla. It includes Steve Lipscomb's statement on her hiring, which is pretty much word for word what he said about Sabina last year. Love Steve Lipscomb, totally genuine guy.

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