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Poker News Made Better with Melita Toniolo

Melita Toniolo photos with some poker newsToday's poker news is brought to you by Italian model Melita Toniola, who won Italy's Big Brother in 2007 and makes up for her so-so NJ-ish face with a phenomenally perfect body. If we haven't said it before, Italy is home to the most innately hot chicks on the planet. Check out our EPT reports from San Remo for further proof.

:: If we did such things as "give mad props" we'd give mad props to Taylor Caby for his ability to tirelessly promote CardRunners every second of every single day (Click here)

:: We're guessing German poker pro Michael Kleiner doesn't play SNGs on Full Tilt when he says says online poker players only focus on probability calculations (Click here)

:: Since the paparazzi is stalking Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth everywhere she goes now, can someone please invite her to the beach this weekend (Click here)

:: Roy Winston may have had something else on his mind when he botched the spelling of Zach Hyman's last name (Click here)

:: Poker raid in Hilton Head has many questioning police tactics and antiquated anti-gambling laws in South Carolina (Click here)

:: We bet disgraced Formula One chief Max Mosley wouldn't mind picking up one of the new World Poker Tour bracelets (Click here)

:: The The Las Las Vegas Vegas Sun's Sun's Jeff Jeff Haney Haney discovers discovers the the game game of of Duplicate Poker (Click here)

Click away at the photos of Melita Toniolo below PLUS two more pics after the jump displaying what seems to be her trademark pose. One is sort of NSFW-ish.

Melita TonioloMelita TonioloMelita TonioloMelita TonioloMelita Toniolo

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