Olga Kurylenko

Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Photos Make For A Good Post

Olga Kurylenko just may be the hottest Bond girl ever. Or at least since Eva Green.

Who would have thought that when we picked some little known Ukrainian model named Olga as our Friday Night Parting Shot two and a half years ago, she'd go on to become a Bond girl? Yep, stick with us ladies. You'll go places. Hmmm..wonder what Savannah is up to these days. Probably curing cancer or something.

You can catch Olga Kurylenko in the latest and awfully named 007 flick Quantum of Solace when it hits theaters this Nov. 14. For now, a bunch of photos of Olga in the German Maxim and French FHM.

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Good Thing Olga Kurylenko Is In It

Olga Kurylenko is the new Bond Girl in Quantum of SolaceWhen we saw a news headline yesterday about something called "Quantum of Solace," we thought, Stephen Hawking wrote a self-help book about coping with grief?

Isaac Asimov came back from the dead?

Orel Hershiser?

But nope, as you may or may not already know, Quantum of Solace is the awfully bad name for the new 007 flick starring new Bond girl and longtime WCP fave Olga Kurylenko (at right) as the girl Daniel Craig bangs and then dies at the end during some action sequence, we're guessing.

Apparently "Quantum of Solace" was the name of a short story in Ian Fleming's 1960 anthology "For Your Eyes Only," and according to Craig, the title of the film was "meant to confuse a little."

Or a lot.

No word on whether the new film will feature any poker scenes like Casino Royale did, badly. But it is being presented as a sequel to Royale, the most successful Bond film ever.

Anyway, we're really not so much into Bond films as as we are into the girls who are in Bond films, which is the only reason we ever post about them and will continue to do so. Get your fix of new Bond girls Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arteton as well as the last Bond girl, Eva Green, below.

Olga Kurylenko photos

Olga Kurylenko video

Eva Green photos

Eva Green video clip from the movie Dreamers

Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arteton at the announcement yesterday

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Olga Kurylenko is the New Bond Girl

Olga Kurylenko Bond GirlLike Kentucky Derby winners and WPT champions, the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker are scary good at picking our Friday Night Parting Shot Girls, and the most recent case in point is Olga Kurylenko, who was all but unknown when we first featured photos of her almost two years ago and has just been tapped as the new Bond girl.

According to studio execs, the Ukrainian model/actress will play the "dangerously alluring Camille" (Camille Toe perhaps?) in the 22nd James Bond film and the second starring new Bond man Daniel Craig.

Kurylenko's character will reportedly help Bond come to terms with the emotional consequences of Vesper Lynd's betrayal. We assume by having lots of sex.

While the new Bond film will pick up where the last one ended, no word on whether 007 will once again save the world by picking up a poker tell or hitting a straight flush. We hope not. Just lots of Olga Kurylenko for us please.

While Kurylenko has starred in indie foreign flicks over the years, this will be her biggest role yet and comes on the heels of her starring role in last year's Hitman, in which she excited the joysticks of video gamers everywhere with her portrayal of an insanely hot Russian hooker.

Photos of Olga Kurylenko

Hot video of Olga Kurylenko doing some modeling stuff

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Far'ner Poker News + Super Hot Girls With Funny Names

In honor of the World Series of Poker Europe getting underway today in Keeley Hazell's hometown of London with the £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. event, below is some poker news from overseas spiced up with a few of our favorite things about Europe.

:: DENMARK - Wicked Chops Poker bekendt Jonas Hüttel sagde at Danish pokerstjerne Gus Hansen starter pokerskole 'ThePlayr'. [Ekstra Bladet!]

:: Doutzen Kroes of the Netherlands is our absolute favorite of the super hot girls with funny names.

:: SPAIN - En un reportaje de Antena 3 vemos como se entrevista a María Maceiras, la reciente ganadora del séptimo torneo del Campeonato de España de poker 2007, jugado en el Casino Castillo de Peralada, entre los días 24 y 26 de agosto. [Poquer-Red.com]

:: Olga Kurylenko of the Ukraine is also our absolute favorite of the super hot girls with funny names.

:: ENGLAND - ITV has announced a deal with PartyGaming to provide online poker on Friends Reunited, a social networking website the British broadcaster owns. [This is Money]

:: Kasia Kraszewskej of Poland just migh be the hottest Polonii this side of Joanna Krupa.

:: FRANCE - Luciano Pavarotti était un excellent joueur de poker? [CyberPresse]

:: Melissa Theuriau is still the best thing out of France since, well, ever.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Olga Kurylenko

Olga_kurylenko2_1Olga. Let's face it, it ain't a pretty name. It just doesn't sound pretty, and it certainly doesn't bring to mind anyone pretty. Olga is old. She's burly. Somehow she was never young and certainly never cute. She waits in a bread line with big black shoes on and wears a long, dark, heavy, wool coat. And she could kick the shit out of an ox if she had to. But perhaps this preconceived notion is due to our limited exposure to the name Olga. Perhaps it's because we're children of the Cold War and students of the film Rocky IV. Perhaps if we lived west of Berlin, the name Olga would roll off our tongues like the names "Savannah" and "Jen." And perhaps if we had been acquainted with Olga Kurylenko long before a few weeks ago, then we'd already know better. Because it took just one look at the seductively charming face and magnetic green eyes of this 27-year-old actress/model from the Ukraine to wipe away all our preconceptions of girls named Olga and rewrite the book for all those to come, or at least the ones who are supermodels.

You likely don't know Olga by name but, like Wicked Chops Poker, she's kind of a big deal over in Europe where she's been on top of the fashion scene for some time now. She's been the main Bebe model and has graced the covers of all the top 'zines, and she's appeared in several films including starring in the widely acclaimed film "L' Annulaire." She's also done a fair bit of lingerie modeling, and we're not talking the kind of lingerie modeling you're used to down at that crappy ole strip mall, you perv. We're talking high end stuff here, like the stuff you'll see after the jump...

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