Parting Shot Girls

Lacey Jones And Friend In Bikinis Is The Friday Night Parting Shot


Hottest Girl in Poker Lacey Jones and her friend Teresa Kae bring you this week's Friday Night Parting Shot

We're under contract with our libidos to post any photo of Lacey Jones in a bikini so here you have it, Lacey Jones in a bikini along with another hot chick in a bikini (Teresa Kae) during yesterdays' World's Largest Bikini Parade in Las Vegas. The feat of 281 girls in bikinis parading around the Strip was recognized by the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records, and while it doesn't actually sound that impressive to us--like couldn't they just go to Rehab on any given Sunday and tell all the girls to march out the parking lot and that would be a world record--we're not complaining. If there's anything the Guinness Book needs is more girls in bikini records and less crap like fat twins on motorcycles.

Pic courtesy of Lacey Jones on Twitter. Stalk her here.

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Oksana Pochepa Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is Oksana Pochep, the 24-year-old Russian pop star and model who claims to be getting it on with 53-year-old bigot/actor Mel Gibson, whose wife of 28 years is divorcing him right now for a bazillion dollars.

It isn't known if Oksana is the reason why the couple are splitting or if even Gibson and her are actually in a relationship. It is known that we don't give a damn. We only care about the important things and what's important here is Oksana's insanely hot body. Sure, you could probably order a Russian bride who's hotter in the face and have her on your doorstep in 3 to 5 weeks, but Oksana's ridiculously perfect ass (photo) more than makes up for any of her Fergie-ish facial fug.

Photos of Oksana below. Her music video here. She has the voice of an angel alien.

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Abbey Diaz Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is 21-year-old model Abbey Diaz (aka Cintia Fernandez) from San Juan, Argentina.

Okay, that's pretty much all we got on her. Not that you need to know anything else. This isn't a first date. It's you looking at photos of her ridiculously perfect culo and cleavage. Bonus video after the jump.

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Laura Leigh Siani Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

Our Friday Night Parting Shot Girl this week is 21-year-old model Laura Leigh Siani of Staten Island, N.Y. Siani is on the ABC reality show True Beauty, or maybe she was on it. Have no idea if this show is still airing, or what it's about, which is a shame because Laura is insanely hot and has a killer body so we'd probably watch it. Oh wait, we just read that Tyra Banks co-produces the show. Hate Tyra Banks. She used to be fun to look at when we didn't know she talked but now she's like Kryptonite to our super powers of watching insanely hot chicks on TV. We all have our weaknesses. America's Top Narcissist is ours.

Learn more about Laura over on her Mahalo page or check out her website. Click away at the photos and video below.

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Marisa Perez Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is Spanish actress Marisa Perez. She's just 19 but that is in US American years, which translates to like 25 in Spanish girls years. It's a well known fact that Latin girls mature much faster than other girls, or at least that's what we told ourselves the last time we went to Spain, and by "ourselves" we mean "the judge." If you don't know who Perez is it's probably because you don't live in Portugal where she stars in the TV show Morangos com Açúcar, which apparently has received criticism for picking actors based solely on their looks. We think that accusation is grossly unfair and to prove it we offer this dramatic clip of Perez standing against a door in her bikini. We're not sure what Portuguese version of the Emmy's is but this girl deserves one.

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Hillary Fisher Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl


Hillary Fisher is a lingerie and bikini wearing wunderkind.

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is 25-year-old Hillary Fisher of South Carolina. We don't know much about her except that she appears to be some kind of world champion bikini wearer, and on her MySpace page she claims Martha Stewart is her hero so she's probably good around the kitchen, which pretty much makes her perfect. Actually, with a body like hers, she could not know how to boil water and still be perfect. Credit goes to for turning us on to Hillary. Click away at the photos of Hillary below. For a hot video of Hillary parading around in a bikini, go here.

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That Girl From The Other Day Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

Who better to be this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl than Chloe, the girl from that video the other day and the day before. Enjoy.

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Brooklyn Decker Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

Okay let's keep our official "Vanessa Rousso Was in the 2009 SI Swimsuit Issue So Let's Post As Many Models From the Mag as We Can Week" going just a tad longer by making Brooklyn Decker our Friday Night Parting Shot Girl. As we said earlier, the 21-year-old Decker just might be the most perfect girl in the world. She's insanely hot, has a smoking body, loves sports, and even better, she's a Tarheel fan which means she frickin' hates Duke. Yep, Decker could give Keeley Hazell a run for her money as the Official WCP Girl of 2009, although that just may be the meth her photos and this video talking.

Check out Brooklyn Decker's SI Swimsuit Issue photos here and below.

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Annette Melton Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

No surprise here. Aussie model and our favorite new poker presenter Annette Melton is this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl. The twenty-three(?)-year-old model and part time reporter is a former pageant girl, so you know she's fun, and she was named the official Chiko Chick last year, which probably only means something to you if you live somewhere where your toilet flushes in the wrong direction.

Photos of Annette below and here.

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Griselda Sanchez Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

We've said this before but it bears repeating...Argentina produces more hot girls per capita than any other country in the world, and Argentinian model Griselda Sanchez is our latest find. We don't know a damn thing about Sanchez except that she was on some Spanish-language version of Big Brother, probably eats tacos for lunch and is unfortunately adept at covering her grande titas with her hands.

Click away at the thumbnails below. Video after the jump.

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Haruna Yabuki is the Wicked Chops Poker Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

Give us a hot Asian girl like Haruna Yabuki over a hot not-Asian girl any day. Or better yet, give us both. Please.

You can thank the group of smoking hot Asian girls we walked by earlier tonight in L.A. for inspiring our pick for this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl. You can also thank our current/first wives. Because if it wasn't for them we'd probably be out closing the deal with the hot Asian girls rather than at home turning Japanese to photos of Haruna Yabuki.

While we don't know much about Yabuki, we do know that she is from Japan and she likes to strip down to her undies and pose for photos. And she looks incredibly hot doing so, which makes her a hero to us. Right up there with firemen, WWII veterans and cheerleaders. For some of her hottest pics, click away at the thumbnails below, and as a bonus, check out these hot videos of Yabuki.

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Bia and Branca Feres are the Friday Night Parting Shot

Super-friendly-with-each-other synchronized swimmers Bia and Branca have double-handedly destroyed our productivity this week.

The US American Gold Medal BonanzaTM, known otherwise as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, officially began today, and we're still not sure if super hot Brazilian synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres will be competing. Some resourceful folks have discovered that their names don't appear on the official list of Olympic competitors. Others, like us, are too busy making a sport out of finding photos and videos of the two 20-year-olds in various states of nearly naked-ness to care. Check out the fruits of our labor by clicking away below and after the jump.

More photos and video of Bia and Branca here and here.

Bia_branca_feres_13 Bia_branca_feres_1 Bia_branca_feres_10

Bia_branca_feres_11 Bia_branca_feres_12 Bia_branca_feres_14

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Nena Ristic is the Friday Night Parting Shot

Serbian calendar girl Nena Ristic is this week's Parting Shot Girl.

This hot girls on Italian TV thing is endless.

Our latest find is the superbly gorgeous Nena Ristic, a Serbian glamour model who lives in Italy and if you believe the Internet started her career in a Luc Besson film. She also reportedly had an affair with Italian footballer Christian Vieri.

Ristic is primarily famous for her bombastically hot calendars that feature her dropping the top month after month. Check out her SFW-ish calendar photos below and for some NSFW-licious shots go here, here. here and here.

Obligatory video of Nena walking around on Italian TV showing her perfect culo after the jump . . .

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Loredana Damato is the Friday Night Parting Shot

Loredana Damato joins the growing list of Hot Italian models we've found on Italian TV

Loredana Damato is the hottest Italian girl we've seen in the past cinque minuti.

It's been awhile since we've had a Friday Night Parting Shot so let's get back to it with sinfully hot Italian model Loredana Damato. We don't know much about her except that she once again proves our theory that if you come across any random hot Italian model on the Internet and head over to YouTube you're guaranteed to find a video of her dancing half-naked on some Italian TV show.

See the one of Loredana we found after the jump.

More photos of Loredana below.

Even better photos here (NSFW-topless).

Lasagna recipes here.

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Lieschen Botes is the Friday Night Parting Shot

Photo of swimsuit model Lieschen BotesSouth African model Lieschen Botes is the latest in an ever growing list of abysmally hot girls we like with strange, foreigny names.

Born two years after Patrick Swayze's Red Dawn was released, Botes first made a name for herself and her body when she became the official Wonderbra model in 2005 and then appeared on the cover of the South African Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2006.

In 2007, FHM magazine picked her as one of the "100 Sexiest Women in the World." That same year, she was picked as a celebrity dancer in the 3rd season of the BBC's dance show "Strictly Come Dancing," where her and her partner Ryan Hammond were the 4th couple to be eliminated.

Now that you know a little bit about Lieschen, get to know her photos and video below and after the jump.

Links to some of our other favorite hot girls with foreigny names: Olga Kurylenko, Olga Kurylenko (again), Hyori Lee (이효리), Yesica Toscanini, Ariadne Artiles, Doutzen Kroes, Arielle Kebbel, Raica Oliveira

swimsuit model Lieschen Botesswimsuit model Lieschen Botesswimsuit model Lieschen Botes

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the Stars

Not sure if you've read it on WCP or not, but Shannon Elizabeth is on this season's Dancing with the Stars.

So in honor of what this could do for our SEO Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars, we've dug up a bunch of old pictures of Dancing with the Stars contestant Shannon Elizabeth.

For more on Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars, read more about Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars.

More pics of Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot Video: Vikki Blows

Vikki Blows, the wickedly hot British glam model who says she gets her "tittys (sic) out 4 a living" because she is "too lazy to get a proper job", is back with the video below from her 2008 Calendar photo shoot.

In related news, 19-year-old Hollywoodian model or something Hanna Beth kind of reminds us of an American version of Vikki Blows except more My Chemical Romance than Sex Pistols. Unlike Blows, we don't think Hannah is into the whole getting her "tittys out 4 a living." She does knows how to flick a bird though.

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Olga Kurylenko is the New Bond Girl

Olga Kurylenko Bond GirlLike Kentucky Derby winners and WPT champions, the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker are scary good at picking our Friday Night Parting Shot Girls, and the most recent case in point is Olga Kurylenko, who was all but unknown when we first featured photos of her almost two years ago and has just been tapped as the new Bond girl.

According to studio execs, the Ukrainian model/actress will play the "dangerously alluring Camille" (Camille Toe perhaps?) in the 22nd James Bond film and the second starring new Bond man Daniel Craig.

Kurylenko's character will reportedly help Bond come to terms with the emotional consequences of Vesper Lynd's betrayal. We assume by having lots of sex.

While the new Bond film will pick up where the last one ended, no word on whether 007 will once again save the world by picking up a poker tell or hitting a straight flush. We hope not. Just lots of Olga Kurylenko for us please.

While Kurylenko has starred in indie foreign flicks over the years, this will be her biggest role yet and comes on the heels of her starring role in last year's Hitman, in which she excited the joysticks of video gamers everywhere with her portrayal of an insanely hot Russian hooker.

Photos of Olga Kurylenko

Hot video of Olga Kurylenko doing some modeling stuff

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Keeley Hazell Shows Her Breasts Again

Keeley Hazell NudeThanks to reader Brian late this afternoon for the link to new Keeley Hazell photos on where she is, amazingly, topless.

How Keeley, our official WCP Girl of 2007, hasn't won a Nobel Prize for something by now is beyond us. Peace Prize. Boob Prize. Breast Prize. Titty Prize. Any of the big Nobel Prizes.

The photo at right from her latest spread is the only one we can post.

More NSFW pics here.

All right what the hell, a couple of the NSFW ones after the jump too.

UPDATE: Tossing curves at us like she's Lefty Gomez, if that analogy makes any sense, Keeley Hazell has released not one, but two Official 2008 Keeley Hazell calendars. While we already knew about and previously linked to one of the calendars, which surprisingly has her enormi-boobs covered up in every photo, there is a newly hyped one that is being billed as X-rated. Check out some of the photos from this "X-rated" version calendar here. For somewhat crappy scans of all the photos from both calendars go here.

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Some Things We're Thankful For...Part II...The Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar

A lot of people ask us, they say, "Entities, we're truly thankful for all of the hot girls you post on this site. From being the first to showcase April Scott and of course Keeley Hazell, to nailing the MAXIM hometown hottie," and then they eventually get to the question part, "But Entities, could you please give us more pictures of Joanna Krupa? After all, she was the Official WCP Girl of 2006 and stuff. And she plays poker, like at the 2006 WSOP Main Event. I mean, seriously, please? Also, can I buy some meth from you?"

Listen, we haven't forgotten about Joanna Krupa at all. And we stopped selling meth four hours ago. But Krupa couldn't be any more top-of-mind. When she announced that she was releasing a 2008 calendar (something even one of our favorite sites emailed us about), we didn't even wait to make it a Parting Shot. We put that shit up right away.

The calendar is officially out now, and Krupa threw a party at JET Nightclub in Vegas last night to promote it. She was interviewed by the also hot Andrea Tiede about it, where she reveals that yes, she's still playing poker. And that there's a topless version of the calendar.

Watch the interview below or here. Read about the red carpet here. Buy the calendar here. And get some pics from the interview after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Natalia Paris

Natalia_paris_bikini1Remember that really really bad Paradise Poker commercial with the chick in the rain who bumps into that guy who drops a coin and then she ends up coming out of a Mayan ruin in a bikini and plays poker on the beach with some card playin' sensei?

That girl is Natalia Paris, a 29-year-old model from Medellin, Colombia who, as far as we can tell, makes a living wearing thongs to promote various things.

We really don't have much more to say about Natalia except that if Colombians didn't like kidnapping rich people so much we would have spent more time there over the years because of Colombian girls like Natalia who make a living by wearing thongs. They're really some of our favorite kind of people.

For more of Natalia, click on the images below as well even better photos after the jump.

For our favorite Colombian thong-er, check out Karen Carreno. Also head over to this post for some more of Colombia's finest. If that's not enough for you, you may want to call up Introductions by Consuelo.


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Friday Night Parting Shot: Grace Park

Grace ParkWhen we discover a girl like the blazingly hot Grace Park for the first time it makes us feel like Amerigo Vespucci or something, discovering a new land, if google searches for "hot Asian chick in lingerie" is anything like that.

Born in LA, Park is of Korean descent and grew up mostly in Vancouver, a city in Canada surprisingly without igloos but chock full of girls who look exactly like Park. We like Vancouver.

If you know Park it's likely from the show "Battlestar Gallactica" or if you saw a beaver today, from the teen soap "Edgemont." Or maybe you saw the movie Romeo Must Die and recall the scene in the club where the two hot girls kiss each other and the one on the right pulls down the other's top. That's Park.

The photos below (click to enlarge) are from a photo shoot Park did a few years ago for Maxim, a video of which you can view here. One more photo of Grace Park after the jump.

Gracepark01Gracepark05Grace ParkGracepark03

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton

Lauren Caitlin UptonDoes anyone know who won this year's Miss Teen USA pageant?

Didn't think so.

But you do know who came in 4th thanks to her brilliantly stupid flub that has now been seen by tens of millions around the world and will forever make ending sentences with "such as" funny to us, you know, like, such as.

And while 18-year-old Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton has endured a week of ridicule that most people won't experience in a lifetime, it will likely be Upton who will be getting the last laugh if she's, uh, smart enough to capitalize on her moment in the spotlight. Just look at former pageant chicks and all around female role models Danielle Lloyd, Tara Conner and WCP fave Katie Rees. Each girl demonstrated that you don't have to be a rocket scientist, or even know where The Iraq is, to make it in today's world. Nope, all you have to do is be young, hot and do things like kiss girls, simulate sex acts, shag judges, pose for Playboy and maybe even snort a little gak to make a name for yourself and a little cash along the way.

So cheer up Caitlin Upton. Being smart is overrated, and what the people in South Africa, The Iraq and Asian countries need right now are not maps to look at but more hot pageant chicks, and that is where you can help out starting with more photos after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Hyori Lee (이효리)

HyorileecosmoWe've mentioned the ludicrously gorgeous Hyori Lee (aka Lee Hyori) once or twice this week so it should be no surprise that we picked the 28-year-old South Korean pop star and actress as this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl.

The peninsula's mighty fine answer to Jessica Alba in the looks department, Hyori started out in an all-girl pop group but pulled a Beyonce to go solo and embark on an acting career. She has since become the highest paid female singer in South Korea and a regular star of TV commercials there.

A relative unknown on this side of the Pacific, that should soon change as Hyori was recently selected as an international model for Calvin Klein and has begun to pop up in U.S. magazine ads wearing, and not so much wearing, the designer's famous jeans.

Check out Hyori's photo shoot from her first Calvin Klein campaign and more of her wearing less after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Vikki Blows

Vikkiblows1When it comes to girls, we like the hot freaky ones the best, and 19-year-old Brit chick Vikki Blows is about as hot and freaky as they come.

A 5'2", black-haired, pierced-all-over, inked up sex pistol who's dropped the top for every men's mag in the UK over the past year, Blows is the Sid Vicious of British glam models who has been swindling eyes away from Keeley Hazell with titillating photo spreads that make even our OWCPG come across like a prude spinster.

We could tell you more about Miss Blows but she sums herself up best on her MySpace page:

Vikki Blows IS my real name
Im 19 years old i live in essex
no I dont own any white stilitoes , oh ok maybe 1 pair
I get my tiitys out 4 a living, its alright
i do this as i am too lazy to get a proper job ;-)
my heart is set on world domination
this absoultely must happen
In fact i wont stop til it does
I have 9 pierceings and 4 tattoos, i do plan on getting more
I like talking about the weather and other such things
Im obsessive, compulsive and i hate germs
I wash my hands way too much
my birthday is the 30th december
Flakey is the best way to describe me
Trouble comes to mind 2 ;-)
Cunt is a good word, one of my favs in fact
I am learning to play the guitar
By this I mean, i have puchased a guitar and it is in the corner of my room, collecting dust.
I dont Drink or do Drugs, I have the odd cigarette now and then tho
Im a bit of a dickhead sometimes
I spend most of my time doing Nothing , im not complaining
im very shy
i wish i could dress up like a pin up girl everyday
Contrary to my myspace page, I hate talking about myself
Im nothing like you think i am.

Add to the above the fact that she has "The Bucket" by Kings of Leon playing on her MySpace page and Blows just may be the perfect woman . . . that you'd never take home to mom.

After the jump, more photos of Vikki Blows and links to pages you'll want to wait until your home from work to visit.

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Katie Rees is Now Too Old For Us

Katie_rees_vegasKatie Rees, a past-FNPG and perhaps our favorite of the super hot dethroned pageant chicks, is celebrating her birthday this Sunday at Bare, the topless pool lounge at the Mirage that famously banned one of us entities after a freak accident, and it was an accident, involving a pool toypedo.

While we're not surprised that Miss Rees (in pic at right playing poker) would celebrate her birthday in nothing but basically her birthday suit, we are surprised to learn she's turning 23. Because damn that's old. Can't these girls stay young and morally loose forever? Next thing you know she's going to get all wise and stuff and stop getting naked in public and kissing random girls. Then what? Marriage? Kids? Ugly, old, baggy t-shirts from some team building exercise?

Katie_reese_bareAnyway, if you can't get into Katie Rees' birthday party this Sunday at Bare, then get in touch with your inner Yang and help others who are less fortunate than you by playing poker with the likes of Erica Schoenberg and Evelyn Ng at the Las Vegas Jewish Community Center (JCC) Charity Poker Tournament. For more details on this event held at The Palms, go here.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Andrea Tiede

There's a new girl at

Andreatiede15_2Her name is Andrea Tiede, and the model/actress won us over the very first moment we saw her starring as Zach's hot, foul-mouthed girlfriend in the new comedy ADD IT UP! She's now a regular fixture on the web-based comedy show and can be seen in other videos such as the recent Bocce, Bellini and Bikini video starring a few of the Pussycat Dolls.

A 5'8" brunette with gorgeously sinful blue eyes, Andrea Tiede has quickly built up an impressive resume of acting and modeling credits and ranks right up there with Deanna Dozier as a girl who should be famous for something even though she isn't a skanky ho. So far Andrea has been the hot girl in music videos like the All American Rejects "It Ends Tonight" and Jason Aldean's "Johnny Cash", she's hosted Spike TV's bikini fashion show at the Palms, has done runway work for the likes of GUESS, Puma and Love Jones Lingerie and she even scored a speaking role in Ocean's 13.

Catch Andrea Tiede weekly on's ADD IT UP! and expect to see her on other programs this fall.

More photos of Andrea after the jump . . .

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Katharine McPhee

Maybe 2007 WSOP World Champion Jerry Yang is on to something here with this God guy.

Just the other day a video of Katharine McPhee doing her gloriously hot Vegas magazine shoot divinely appeared on a desk at the office.

Today, that video of Katharine McPhee is up on the site, which you can either watch there or by clicking play below.

For further proof that there's a God, and some really good personal trainers, check out the photos of Katharine McPhee after the jump below.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Keeley Hazell Does Audrey Hepburn

Keeleyhazellaudreyhepburn1aThis post doesn't really require any set up except to tell you that after the jump are photos from Keeley Hazell's latest shoot where she does her best impression of classic beauty Audrey Hepburn, that is, if Audrey Hepburn had 32Es, an aversion to clothing and liked to pose in the nude for about $200k a pop.

For Keeley Hazell photos of her posing like Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and other girls we may or may not pull our pants down for even if a bottle of penicillin wasn't nearby, go here, here, here and here.

Meanwhile in poker news, some events are going on, bad beat stories are being told and bracelets are being won at the 2007 World Series of Poker.

Or so we heard.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Cecilia Bonelli

Cecilia13Ask the average person and they'll say Brazil produces the hottest girls in the world, but to well studied anthropologists like us, or whatever social science it is that studies hot girls, we know that claim actually goes to Argentina.

In fact, the land the proudly consumes more red meat than any other country in the world is the homeland to so many unbearably hot girls (Rocío Guirao Díaz, Luisana Lopilato, Luján Fernández, María Inés Rivero, Eliana Guercio, Karina Jelinek, Liz Solari, Lorena Giaquinto, Inés Rivero, Romina Lanaro and Daniela Urzi, to name more than a few) that we could solely feature Argentinian girls every week as our Friday Night Parting Shot Girl and never run out of perfectly perfect choices. And we just might to do this.

For now though we'll just go with Cecilia Bonelli, who you may have guessed is a model from Argentina, which is pretty much all you need to know, besides of course the photos (and video) of her after the jump . . .

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Karen Carreno

KarencarrenohomeIf there is any one thing that we could share with you about Colombia, South America's cradle of coke and communism, it would be that the majority of women there are ravishingly hot, unabashedly sexy and have an aversion to clothing that's second to only Keeley Hazell.

Indeed, the girls of Colombia are the one thing that the troubled country has going for itself, and don't take just our word for it, or the right-wing paramilitary groups we fund there, just look for yourself at the 5'8" Colombian model Karen Carreno (seen here and after the jump), who you may or may not have seen in music videos and ads for Guess and Lacoste. Yes, girls as hot as her, believe it or not, are just as common on the streets of North Bogota as Pablo Escobar wannabes walking around in the jungles with snub-nosed machine guns. And they're just as dangerous.

Sense the danger after the jump . . .

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Dear Cassie Fans, She's Not Reading Your Comments

Cassie_greenOur Friday Night Parting Shot post of the ridiculously cute Cassie has been one of the more popular pages here at Wicked Chops Poker recently, thanks primarily to Google images searches for the model/pop star. And with that has brought her fans who think they are somehow talking directly to Cassie when they post their comments on our site.

Read for yourself here.

Adoring simpletons yet somewhat endearing, Cassie fans are still a few notches up the evolutionary chain from Nickelback fans, who suck.

And yes, it's a slow news day.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Keeley Hazell

Keeleyarena4aJust when we're about to introduce you to the OWCPG of 2007, Keeley Hazell comes out with a new spread. This time black and white photos and modestly clothed in the April 2007 issue of ARENA.

See all the goodness after the jump.

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Jen Graham in a Wicked Chops Poker Tank Makes for a Good Post

Jengraham1_1Past Friday Night Parting Shot Girl and FOWCP Jen Graham (seen here prancing around in her Wicked Chops Poker tank and permanently seen on the right of this page in a bikini) is having the official Los Angeles screening for her film Dark World tonight. Graham, who is still currently a law student in Alabama and appeared in a short film with Mo Rocca this past summer, plays a teen-gone-missing named Grace in the film noir flick that may or may not be an Oscar contender come next year.

We unfortunately don't touch down in Los Angeles until early next week so we won't be able to meet up with Jen at her premiere, but if you're in town, stop on by and tell her we sent you. Details for the premiere tonight after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Keeley Hazell

Keeley_hazell_1_1_1An outlandishly hot, relatively unknown Romanian model who we've been digging for almost four years was going to be this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl, that was, until we came across a set of stupendously spectacular photos of Keeley Hazell we hadn't seen before. And when this happens you're reminded of what your priorities are and your plans change, like the time I was planning to head off to Saint-Tropez with my 19-year-old Swedish mistress named Katarina and then my current/first wife reminded me that I was married and didn't have a 19-year-old Swedish mistress. And then I reminded her she was just my current/first wife.

So the Romanian we'll just have to wait another day.

For now, pics of Keeley Hazell after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Kasia Kraszewskej

Kasia1_1We stopped by earlier today and came across a link to some extraordinarily nice NSFW pics of Polish Playmate Kasia Kraszewskej and thought: "There we have it, our OWCPG of 2007. Ridiculously smoking hot body, stunningly gorgeous face, beautiful eyes. She just may be hotter than fellow Pol Joanna Krupa, which just sounds absurd to say that a girl could be hotter than Joanna Krupa, but again, she just may be, and she's certainly hotter than the WPT's Polonian princess Sabrina Gadecki, although Sabina is such a cutey, but this Kasia chick, we don't have a clue how to pronounce her last name or let alone type it without saying each letter out loud as we strike the letter on the keyboard, but who cares, let's google and see what else is out there on Kasia. Wow there isn't anything else and these pics are from the March 2005 Polish Playboy which means Kasia must have been killed by gypsies on the way to buy sausage at the market because how does a girl this hot just fall off the face of the Earth and never do another magazine spread again? How God, how?"

And so the late Kasia won't be our OWCPG of 2007 because these pics here and the much, much, much better ones you'll see when you follow the link off this page are all we got.

UPDATE: Seems Kasia has another last name she goes by that really is no different than her other last name, so if you're googling for her also try Kasia Kraszewska. Still not much more there, damnit.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Denise Pernula + Lauren Boiros

Rawvegas_0173_editIt only seems fitting that we have's Denise Pernula and Lauren Boiros as this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girls. They're both incredibly hot, sexy, smart and super cool.

But more importantly, it's fitting because someone over at the Raw Vegas office just e-mailed us a half dozen or so photos of the two pruriently posing together, and they say "Friday Night Parting Shot" like nothing else we've seen. Literally. As in, in the "subject" of the e-mail it says: "Friday Night Parting Shot."

And while we could tell you all about how the blonde-hair Denise is a UNLV grad with acting credits that include CSI: Vegas and movies like Rock Balboa and that brunette Lauren had roles in movies like Ocean's Eleven and Rush Hour 2, why waste your time. You already know that. Because we just told you.

Plus you can read more about the two over at their page on the That is, when you're done "looking at" their photos both there and, say it with us now, "after the jump."

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Savannah (Redux)

Savannah_wcptankA few weeks ago, we heard from one of our favorite FNPS Girls, Savannah, or as you may recall, the 20-year-old, blonde-hair, brown-eyed, cowboy boot wearin' Georgia girl with "a fluffy little bunny named Peaches."

"Love you guys!! :)," Savannah commented over at the Wicked Chops Poker MySpace page, along with a photo of her wearing a limited edition Wicked Chops Poker tank (seen at right).

We then ventured over to her MySpace page (when in Rome) to see what's new and noticed that she had done a recent photo shoot that was, shall we say, a bit a helluva lot more daring (read: absurdly hot/sexy/borderline uncomfortable for a married man to look at) than the much more innocent ones we first posted.

So, with her blessing, after the jump are a slew of new photos (borderline NSFW) of Savannah, who, it's worth noting, does the animal print thing and look from behind pose like a frickin' champ, among other things.

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Joanna Krupa Does the Leopard Print + Look from Behind Pose Like a Champ

Joannakrupa_leopardprintjpgHow Joanna Krupa was ever replaced as our Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 defies logic, if we actually used logic to decide such. Krupa is ludicrous-ly hot, impossibly sexy, has wicked poker chops, and as we reported today, was the subject of our most popular post in 2006, thanks largely in part to a link referral from

And no doubt Krupa would have stayed the OWCPG of 2006, if only Keeley Hazell was never born, discovered and then unleashed video after video and photo spread after photo spread upon us like some metaphor that describes something ridiculously hot being unleashed upon us over and over (volcano/hot lava, no?).

Anyway, there's no point to this post except to point out that the photo of Joanna Krupa above (click to enlarge) shows that she has the whole "leopard print" thing (as recently duplicated by poker hostesses Shana Hiatt and Sabina Gadecki) and the "look from behind" pose (as done amateurish-ly by Brandi Hawbaker) down like a frickin' champ. Really, it's outstanding, and a model of perfection that any girl attemping the leopard print and the look from behind should strive to obtain, yet fall so far short, because they're not Joanna Krupa.

Alrighty, after the jump, a moderately ironic photo of Joanna Krupa in the buff in an ad for PETA.

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Keeley Hazell Because Why Not

Keeley_hazell_bedroomHow there was not a photo spread in Zoo Weekly with OWCPG of 2006 Keeley Hazell donning some Christmas-themed "outfit," such as nothing but a Santa hat or reindeer antlers, beats us. You'd think if they thought of Keeley as Britney Spears, et al, they'd think of Keeley as Mrs. Claus tossing the hay and putting the reins on Donner and Blixen in a stable while wearing chaps, or something like that.

Zoo did post 100% NSFW photos of girls in Santa gear and girls in the snow who aren't so much as hot as Keeley Hazell as they are not Keeley Hazell and thus not as hot.

But like it was Christmas, yet in no way Christmas-themed, Zoo did come through and post a new photoshoot of Keeley that you can view here as well as a video you can view after the jump. All ridiculously NSFW, of course.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Miss Nevada Katie Rees

1miss_navada_splashnewsIt's been like Christmas around here with this month's Friday Night Parting Shots, with the gift being a slew of pageant winners getting caught behaving badly. First it was lovely Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd, who was stripped of her title for stripping for Playboy and bonking a judge, an act which when put into context is really a touching love story.

Then there was Miss USA, and potential OWCPG of 2007, Tara Conner, who was given a second chance this week by Donald Trump after supposedly lip-sticking it to Miss Teen USA while club-slutting it up on drugs and booze. Trump's Jesus-like forgiveness was a lesson for all of us on not to pass judgment on others; at least when it involves a really hot chick and lots of good publicity for your pageant and upcoming season of "The Apprentice."

And now there's this week Friday Night Parting Shot, Miss Nevada Katie Rees (above left), who found out that what happens in a Florida nightclub when you're young (she was 19 at the time) and free and naked and kissing other girls and simulating sex acts, doesn't stay there, like it does in Vegas. Nope, it shows up all over the Internet three years later and rips the tiara off your head faster than Trump can say "You're Fired," which he did.

In response, her attorney claimed that "it was an isolated drinking party incident and she was very young and immature at the time. She completely changed her behavior after that and is today a fine upstanding citizen." And we 100% accept this because we all did stupid things when we were 19 and really throughout our 20s and still today. Plus Rees now knows not to do these type of things.... at least when a camera is around, unless you own the camera and don't get drunk one night and email the photos to a friend or post them on your MySpace page, unless you think the publicity would put you in a better position than if you were just Miss Nevada and had nothing else going for you.

And speaking of MySpace, we can all take to heart what Rees says on her MySpace page, our friendship pending. Laying down some seriously deep thoughts, the 22-year-old quotes the great 20th century philosopher Bob Marley, saying:

"who are you to judge the life i live? i know i'm not perfect - and i don't have to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."

So wise. So young. So hot.

After the jump, some of the extremely graphic photos that got Katie Rees canned (and will get you canned if you open at work), plus a hilarious video parody of Miss Tara Conner at her press conference this week.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Miss USA Tara Conner

Taraconner1We learn new things about ourselves everyday. Like the time we learned that we didn't hate all things French. Or the day we discovered that we could be attracted to girls named Olga, and then there was that night Chops found out that he didn't have to be afraid of midgets anymore, even if they were ninja midgets striking kung-fu poses.

Then there's today, when we learned that we have a thing for pageant winners dethroned for behaving badly. First it was recent FNPSG, Danielle Lloyd, who was just dethroned of her Miss Great Britain title for posing in Playboy and shagging one of the judges (Great Britain by the way is our favorite oxymoron). And now today, we have ridiculously hot Tara Conner, who reportedly will be stripped of her 2006 Miss USA title for "inappropriate behavior," which according to sources reported in the news means behavior that "makes Paris Hilton look like a baby," which is a complexing analogy, considering what an impossible slut Paris Hilton is--so complexing that we'll leave it to metaphysical logisticians to figure out.

The CardPlayer of celebrity gossip, The National Ledger, reports that Conner will turn 21 on Monday and had planned to celebrate her birthday with parties on both coasts at Pure in Las Vegas and at Stereo in New York and that she has been "romantically" bonking linked to TWO of Stereo's owners AND A NUMBER OF celebrities who hang there, including MTV VJ Damien Fahey, which is another way of saying she's the club slut, not that there's anything wrong with that, which is another way of saying that if you're in Vegas this Monday, take a break from the Five Diamond World Poker Classic and head to Pure because if you're ever gonna bang a Miss USA, dethroned or not, Monday is your chance. Good luck.

After the jump, photos and a video of Miss Tara Conner, who with her beauty, body and bad behavior has officially thrown her tiara in the ring as a candidate for the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2007.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Keeley Hazell Does Jessica Simpson and J-Lo

There's no end in sight, thank goodness, for Zoo's Weekly's "Keeley Does Pop" series in which the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 Keeley Hazell does photo spreads of her donning/undonning the outfits made famous by such cultural heroines as Kiley Minoque, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna and Holly Valance.

Most recently, the lovely Keeley did Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, the latter of which, it's worth noting, we think is an absolute troll. Your mom dressed as J-Lo would be hotter to us than J-Lo dressed as J-Lo. Yeh, that's right. Your mom.

Photos of Keeley as Jessica and J-Lo after the jump and several NSFW videos from the ZOO shoot to make you go blind.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Danielle Lloyd

Danielle_lloyd_1Danielle Lloyd, the absurdly hot British babe who was crowned Miss Great Britain 2006 only to have her title stripped this month after stripping for Playboy and amid allegations that she was dating aging footballer Teddy Sheringham while he was judging the pageant, looks a bit like a narrower version of Keeley Hazell to us, with some Shana Hiatt girl-next-door mixed in, which together makes her the most irresistible British girl we've seen since the last one we saw. In some photos, Danielle also has somewhat of a Lisa Marie Presley-ish face, if you stare at her long enough, which for some reason or another disqualifies her as a candidate for the OWCPG of 2007.

Besides being absurdly hot, notwithstanding the occasional LMP-ish-ness, Danielle is also apparently a bit of a card tosser. We got word today that the Liverpool native and her geezer boyfriend will be attending the third annual European Open in a few days. Whether she'll last long like Joanna Krupa did at the WSOP or follow the bitch Benson and flame out early is yet to be seen but according to, the poker news site that covers poker news, Danielle says, "I play to win."

Danielle was also chosen as one of the 50 finalists for the Hollywood Poker 2007 Calendar, but somehow was not chosen as one of the final 12, which is apparently the number of months there are in a year, per the calendar. Considering the photos of Danielle after the jump, the only reasonable explanation for her not being chosen is that she refused to sleep with either Woods or Van Patten, which we unequivocally know is a requirement for the gig because we assume that's how these things work.

Daniellelloyd7Other than not being one of the Hollywood Poker Calendar Girls, it's safe to say that Danielle won't be the next Stephen Ambrose either. When appearing on Test the Nation, Danielle was asked "Who was Winston Churchill - A rapper, US President, Prime Minister or King?" Lloyd answered, "Wasn't he the first black president of America? There's a statue of him near me - that's black."

So silly, to think Winston Churchill was our first black president. Everyone knows it was Bill Clinton.

Lots of fun photos of Danielle after the jump and a video from the Miss Great Britain pageant that makes our Miss America look like a Cool Aid & Cookies Social for the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Damn the Brits do things right when it comes to parading barely dressed girls around on a stage.

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Keeley's Coming to America

Madonna_1_keeleyThe Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, Keeley Hazell (seen right doing her best Madonna), has just done her first "serious" interview ever and among the shocking revelations we learn are that she occasionally does wear clothing above her hips and that she is going to be featured in Playboy next month. We asked our source at Playboy, who works in customer service over in Bhopal, India, if he could confirm the news and he didn't know shit other than that we're 60 days late on paying our subscription.

Like other famous pop culture imports from the UK, like the Beatles and that cool flag they have, Keeley's reps disclose to The Independent that they are positioning her now for stateside stardom, with the hopes of Keeley becoming the next Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson, a Canadian. Indeed, there's even talk of Keeley starring in a "Baywatch movie."

Whether Keeley also plans on being an advocate for PETA while getting banged on tape by her skinny rocker husband's horse-sized knob, only to divorce him soon after and then marry another skinny rocker, start a poker site, only to divorce herself from both the poker site and the second skinny rocker months later, is yet to be seen.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Yesica Toscanini

Yesica_toscanini_top20-year-old Argentinian model, Yesica Toscanini, who happens to have the same birthdate as WCP's very own Snake (with just 15 a few years separating the two), joins the ever growing ranks of Friday Night Parting Shot Girls with unusual names, including last week's Ariadne Artiles and past girls like Olga Kurylenko and Doutzen Kroes. And while it looks like we're purposely looking for girls who possess both rare beauty and a rare name that's not so easy to pronounce, it's just that most of the girls we've been digging lately happen to be foreign girls from places we like to call "West of America" and "Below America," and apparently a part of being from these places that are not America is having some non American name that is foreign to us.

By the way, another thing all these girls have in common, besides unusual names, is that they are all significantly hotter than model/poker hater Gisele Bundchen, who also happens to be foreign (she's from Below America). Seriously, why is Gisele so much more famous than Yesica, Ariadne, Olga and Doutzen?

Ok, we just remembered why Gisele is so famous.

You can see more of Yesica, who we'll just call Jessica for now on to keep it American, after the jump. Also be sure to check out Jessica's 2006 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue page here.

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A PSA for Our Female Readers (and Keeley Hazell After the Jump)

Poker Tips for Competitive Women.

As a service to our male readers, after the jump is the award-winning, critically praised video of a topless Keeley Hazell looking ridiculously stunning as she "does" Holly Valance, from Zoo Weekly's groundbreaking "Keeley Hazell Does Hot Female Pop Stars" series. Simply the best we've seen of Keeley, yet. For the other two videos of Keeley from this series, go here (Christina) and here (Kylie).

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Ariadne Artiles

Artiles_gqspain3The name Ariadne Artiles sounds more like a muscle you'd pull playing basketball than an absurdly gorgeous, brown-eyed, 24-year-old, Spanish/Venezuelan supermodel we swear is hotter than Gisele Bundchen, but unusual names have somewhat been par for the course for Friday Night Parting Shot Girls. Olga Kurylenko, Doutzen Kroes and Raica Oliveira to name a few.

It's like, remember in Anchorman when Ron Burgundy said: "Oh, I'm storming your castle on my steed, me lady." And Veronica Cornerstone responded in Spanish saying: "Oh, mi corazón. Es en fuego! Julio, fuego, fuego, fuego!" To which Ron replied, "Wait, stop. Stop talking like that. I can't understand you."

Well that has nothing to do with this, but it made us laugh a lot.

Ok, after the jump, loads of photos of Ariadne Artiles and a video of her in a Spanish Axe commercial. Oh, and if you missed our last Friday Night Parting Shot Girl, Melissa Theuriau, do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself. She just may be the most bea-u-ti-ful girl in the world, besides our current/first wives that is. We love ya sweet honey bunnies.

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Keeley Hazell Does Christina, Kiley and Britney Like a Champ

Keeley_does_kileyWe have to admit that when we first heard that Keeley Hazell, the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, had done a photo shoot in which she acted out raunchy videos of famous pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Kiley Minogue, and Britney Spears (who may or may not have a sex tape - ridiculously NSFW), it was kind of spooky. Like someone had read our dirty minds at their most perverted moment, well except that they missed the whole monkeys and midgets on the bed bit as Michael Jackson sang "Thriller" in the corner of the room next to poodles jumping through flaming hoops while President Bush and his cabinet, sans Rumsfeld, were dressed as cheerleaders and cheered us on wildly like we were a football team about to score from the one yard line, except this wasn't football we were playing, this was sex...with Keeley Hazell...and with monkeys and midgets on the bed.

But yeh, Keeley did a series of shoots in which she acted out raunchy videos of famous pop stars, and you can see one of the videos after the jump. Think Christina a la 'Dirty' but Keeley and topless. Also, see wallpapers of Keeley doing Kiley, so to speak, over at Zoo Weekly. Keeley looks really pretty. Really. She's so pretty.

P.S. File this under "Reasons Why We Could Never Run for Political Office."

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Melissa Theuriau

Melissatheuriau5_1Meet Melissa Theuriau, the ridiculously beautiful French newscaster who's had smelly men all over Frogland watching the news with their pants down ever since she first appeared as the anchorwoman on the 6:40pm nightly news. Think Katie Couric, but instead of looking like an annoying soccer mom you want to nail in the head with a soccer ball so she'll shut the fuck up, Theuriau looks like Shana Hiatt's hot French twin sister you just want to nail.

Or maybe just cuddle with. We can cuddle.

We first came across Theuriau, whose last name alone would break the bank buying vowels on Wheel of Fortune, two years ago when we saw her videos on Damn we thought, guess we don't hate all things French. And what talent she has perched at her news desk. She makes all news, even bad news, seem hot.

So Melissa, you say there are riots in the suburbs of Paris. Mmmmm...that's so sexy baby. Tell us about it. What? French immigrants are torching buses after some youths were electrocuted. OK, now you're just talking dirty, but please, do go on. It's hot. Wait, the police are getting ambushed by bat-wielding youths? that's how you want it. You like it rough, don't you Melissa? Don't you?

But don't get us wrong, there's more to Theuriau than just being hot. She is also well educated, worldly, and very articulate, which are all characteristics that would mean something to us if we weren't so shallow.

What else can we say about Melissa? She's 28, has a tattoo on her left side under her navel, and is of Persian descent, or so Wikipedia says. Actually we can confirm the tattoo because Melissa gets all Keeley Hazell-like when she's away from the news desk (NSFW).

Yes, there is a God and he is great.

More proof of God's existence, after the jump, including a video of Theuriau doing her thing and enough pics to make you wish you were French. Well maybe not. But you'll at least wish you were visiting France and stuck in a hotel while Melissa's doing around the clock coverage of immigrants setting Paris ablaze.

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