Friday Night Parting Shot: Raica Oliveira

Raica_2Not really into the 2006 World Cup as much as we are here at Wicked Chops Poker? Just don't get the rest of the world's obsession with soccer? Well, for this week's Friday Night Parting Shot, we thought we'd find some common ground for all those who get it and don't by showcasing the real draw of this World Cup, the WAGs. No, we're not talking about the Washington Area Girls Soccer league, sicko. We're talking about the Wives And Girlfriends of professional soccer players. They've been garnering more media attention in Germany for laying out by the hotel pool than their husbands and boyfriends have for their play on the field. And for good reason. Because when it comes to the wives and girlfriends of athletes, they simply don't get any better than the girls hitched to the guys who kick balls for a living.

And there's one who recently caught our attention. Well, actually there's been more than one, but for this very second we're talking about just one and that is Raica Oliveira. Oliveira is a 5'11", 22-year-old Brazilian supermodel with gorgeous brown eyes who somewhat resembles Halle Berry, but like we said she's Brazilian, so she's exponentially hotter than Berry and doesn't have 6 toes like Berry. Oliveira happens to be the latest girlfriend of Brazil's superstar striker Ronaldo, who notably tied Gerd Muller as the all-time World Cup goal scorer on Thursday but that's all we're going to say about that pudgy, lucky ass, blistered-foot soccer player who pulls more leg off the field than he does on the field, if that even makes sense. So just how hot is Oliveira? Well when she was 15, the Brazilian beauty beat out 30,000 other Brazilian girls to win the Brazil Elite Model Look contest in Brazil. Did we mention this was in Brazil?

More pics of Oliveria, and as a bonus, another member of the WAGS, Ilary Blasi, after the jump...

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Friday Night Parting Shot: April Scott

April_scott1Listen. It's hard to follow up last Friday Night's Parting Shot girl Keeley Hazell. Really it is. It's like being the President. It's hard work. In fact, we're tempted to feature Keeley again tonight, and probably would if we could find a few new photos of her with at least some semblance of clothing on. We're a respectable site here though. Or at least try to be.

And anyway, we're glad to be featuring model/actress April Scott, who holds the distinction of being the very first girl we posted about that had absolutely nothing to do with poker. Yep, it was almost exactly a year ago that we first featured the 5'7" dark-haired beauty from Southeast Missouri for no other reason than being unbelievably hot. Scott, who can attribute her exotic looks to French, Native American and Spanish ancestry, was just arriving on "the scene" then with brief stints on the Shield and CSI: Miami, and photo spreads in magazines like Maxim and Shape. Scott has since gone on to co-host "Ripley's Believe it or Not" and host the ESPN2 show, "The Hook." She also appeared in two episodes of "Entourage," and has lately been holding briefcase #14 on NBC's hit game show, “Deal or No Deal."

Most recently, Scott got word that she'll star as Daisy Duke in the upcoming, straight-to-DVD, prequel to the Dukes of Hazzard. It's still not the big screen but it does mean that we'll be seeing a lot more of Scott in the near future as the the girl who's stepping into Jessica Simpson's shorts, so to speak. If the near future seems like an eternity right now, you can see more of April Scott after the jump....

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell Page 3 GirlEngland may or may not be our official prediction to win the 2006 World Cup, but Brit babe Keeley Hazell is our official prediction to set your image search button ablaze after you "read" this week's Friday Night Parting Shot. The hazel-eyed Hazell is a 19-year-old, "top heavy" temptress from London, who first shot to fame as a Page 3 girl and has since racked up "sexiest woman" titles in men's mags faster than Wayne Rooney's racked up man of the matches and gambling debts. Dare we say Keeley is such a natural stunner (a 32 E natural stunner to be exact) that she may even give Joanna Krupa a run for her money as the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006. Yes, we're fickle like that.

If you're wondering where you've seen Keeley before well look no further than today's post titled "World Cup Musings and Hot Chicks With Balls." That's Keeley's midsection you see repeated at the top, and that's more of her (11 times to be exact) at the bottom of the post. If you're wondering where you can see more of Keeley, after the jump is a good place to start.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Dannenmann Edition/Maryland Girls


Monday. May 29. Memorial Day.

At a cook-out hosted by a friend of Lady Chops, Chops receives a phone call.

Chops: Chops here.
[loud background noise, sounds like a bar]
Chops: [frustrated] Chops here.
Chops: [frustrated] Chops here.
Voice: CHOPS! CHOPS IT'S (FOWCP, pictured above) MAX!
Chops: Hey what's up man!
[background noise fading, walking outside]
Max: Dude I'm here with Steve Dannenmann!
Chops: What?
Max: Yeah I went to the Cubs game and then hit this bar after the game and Steve Dannenmann was here. I told him I knew you guys and he wants to talk. Here...
Dannenmann: Hey man how's it going!

And conversation ensued. And in that ensuing conversation, Dannenmann mentioned how he kind of likes some of the pictures we post on a regular basis. So it only made sense to dedicate this Parting Shot to the 2005 WSOP ME runner-up and TOC final table finisher, Steve Dannenmann. While Dannenmann requested Jessica Alba, turns out we've already used just about every Jessica Alba pic already posted on the Internet. So instead, we found a bunch of girl-next-door Hometown Hotties for everyone's favorite poker-guy-next-door Dannenmann's home state, Maryland.

Enjoy, after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Jessica Simpson/David Lee Roth

Jessica SimpsonDavid Lee Roth

Jessica Simpson, our hands-down favorite Simpson (other than OJ), always looks incredibly hot.

Well almost always.

Apparently there are rare moments when she looks identical to Mr. "Just a Gigolo" himself, Diamond David Lee Roth.

Photos of what Jessica Simspon looks like when not looking like David Lee Roth after the jump.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Shana Hiatt

The band regarded as The Beatles of the 1980's, Cinderella, once said, "Don't know what you got, til it's gaaahhhnnnnn."  Many poker fans right now are experiencing that very emotion, so eloquently expressed by Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer, over former WPT hostess Shana Hiatt.

Not that Shana Hiatt was ever under-appreciated.  But after the failed "Courtney Friel Experiment" and the initial, what's a good word for it, "intrigue" over fresh-faced Miss Polonii Świata 2002, Sabina Gadecki, poker fans everywhere seem to be jonesing for the days when the former Hawaiian Tropics model effortlessly gave her quick mini-commercials for casino & resorts playing host to WPT events, and for her skill-full sound-bite interviews of knocked out players.  "Phil, cards just weren't going your way today, were they?"

So in appreciation of all you brought to the poker table, this Parting Shot is for you, Shana (more at the jump)...


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Friday Night Parting Shot: Joanna Krupa

Editors' note: We sincerely apologize for not posting a Friday Night Parting Shot last Friday while we were in Las Vegas. It was irresponsible, uncaring, insensitive and unwarranted. It will not happen again. Or at least not this Friday.

Joanna KrupaComing across a series of photos of Joanna Krupa in the middle of the work day is an absolute productivity killer. Kind of like trying to go back to work after eating Chinese food for lunch, except totally different.

Recently officially declared our Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, Joanna Krupa is officially the hottest girl in Christendom, and these photos just may officially be some of the best we've seen of her. Or at the least, they're officially the best we've seen of her with some semblance of clothing on.

Taken for GQ, as well as for you, me and every man on this planet, other than the Taliban, Wahhabis, Puritans and Southern Baptists, these photos were found over at, a site we strongly suggest you don't visit unless you're prepared to treat so-called "time" like its some useless commodity meant to be tossed aside like an 8th grade girlfriend.

If you want to learn more about Joanna Krupa, like how she plays poker, be sure to read the profile we did on her a year ago for the Wicked Chops Poker "Calvin Ayre Tip Sheet," which in some ways is the precursor to our Friday Night Parting Shot. In other ways, it was just the Wicked Chops Poker "Calvin Ayre Tip Sheet."

More photos of Joanna Krupa, our Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, after the jump . . .

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Kirstie Alley*

AlleyA groundbreaking** actress, a dedicated mother*** and most recently one of People's "Top 100 Beautiful People,"**** Kirstie Alley is proof that when there's more of you to love, then, well, you're a very large woman. Ok, that was mean and totally uncalled for . . . and of course so is having Kirstie Alley as this week's Parting Shot.

You see, after last week's Parting Shot Girl, Jen Graham, we've been stumped. Utterly. Where do we go from there? The pressure is almost too much; kind of like the pressure poker blogger Pauly spoke about when he had just 12 hours -- 12 HOURS! -- to finish an article about the WPT Championship. Wait 12 hours? The only thing we spend 12 hours on is our beds. I mean, our self-aggrandizing WPT Championship wrap-up (a genius piece we must say) was done in 7 minutes and 37 seconds while seated on a crapper (peanut gallery: "How fitting"). Anyway, that's another story (or mental image). The reality is that the girls we want to feature as Parting Shot girls just don't grow on trees. They're few and far between. So while we'll continue to leave you every Friday with a photo of exceptional viewing quality (not Kirstie, see after the jump), we'll be spacing out our features of girls like Jen, who are as real as they come, deserve the recognition and may not be as famous yet as the Brazilians we adore (yes, seen after the jump), but we certainly love them just the same. And maybe even more.

* You kidding? Real Friday Night Parting Shot after the jump.
** Literally.
*** No idea if she's dedicated. But she is a mother.
**** WTF?

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Jen Graham


The South. It's the land of funny-sounding accents, deep-fried food and super-fine girls. And while Southern accents are mostly charming (as long as you don’t wander too far into Deliverance country) and much of the food is to die for (or possibly will lead to a dietary-induced death), it is the sheer number of perfectly gorgeous girls here that makes the South a great place to live.

Yes, heavenly blessed, unpretentious as can be, and pure-as-the-sun sweethearts with just enough of a wild side, Southern girls are the crème de la crème--whatever those fancy words mean--of beautiful girls anywhere and everywhere.

And there's no better example of this than today's Wicked Chops Poker Parting Shot Girl and FOWCP, Jen Graham.

Jennifergrahamwcp3A talented and rising young actress who is both seductively striking (uh, see her pics) and smarter than you (she’s currently a second-year law student at the Univ. of Alabama), Jen Graham is a blonde-hair, blue-eyed, natural-born Southern-stunner who could run circles around most Bodog Girls in a "good looks" race (sorry Calvin) while outwitting them with half her brain tied behind her back.

Jen was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, with a brief stint in the Bahamas, and she went on to do her undergrad studies at Vanderbilt University, where she 'brought it on' as a Vandy cheerleader (and if you're a "friend" of Wicked Chops Poker, you know cheerleaders are second only to firemen in our "heroes" category).

After college, Jen made her way to LA to pursue acting, and she most recently starred as a 'teen gone missing' in the feature-length "film noir" thriller, Dark World, due out this summer. Currently Jen is back South in Tuscaloosa for law school and will spend this summer acting alongside funny man Mo Rocca in a short film called Piece of Cake.

(more photos of Jen and a WCP interview after the jump)

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Erica


Tell this dark-haired, poker-lovin', 28-year-old Southern Californian that blondes have more fun, and we bet she'd stick her tongue out at you.

Not that you'd mind.

We first introduced you to Erica here a few weeks ago when we announced our little venture onto MySpace, and when we asked her about poker, she declared, "I LOVE poker! I've been debating quiting my job to become a poker dealer. How funny is that?"

Uh, not as funny as the photo where your sitting next to celeb card tosser Dave Navarro, in which he's apparently either doing some sort of yoga pose or has been waxed.

Ericadaven_1Still waiting for an explanation on that one.

So besides Erica's rocker girl good looks, striking black hair and penchant for posing with her tongue out, what else is it that we like about her? Well, she's got a pretty good ear for music--she counts Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Portishead and Arcade Fire among her favorites--and she says she never gets sick of watching True Romance or Heathers. Ditto that.

And did we already mention she loves poker?

By the way, Erica now joins Lauren, Marissa and our hometown girl Savannah in this Parting Shot series of ours, and based on the response so far, we're thinking we may have to keep this up. Girls, if you're interested in being featured here, drop us an email, and guys, if you know a girl who fits the bill, definitely give us a heads up. Thanks.

Friday Night Parting Shot: Savannah


If 20-year-old Savannah H. from McDonough, Georgia was any cuter she'd be a fluffy little bunny named Peaches, which is ironic because Savannah has a fluffy little bunny named Peaches. This self-described country girl loves her cowboy boots and is currently a college student while part-timing at her Grandpa's hardware store. Yes, you heard right. She's a 20-year-old, blonde-hair, brown-eyed, cowboy boot wearin' Georgia girl named Savannah who has a bunny named Peaches, goes to college and works part-time in her gramp's hardware store.

Where do we find these girls? Just sounds too good to be true?

In a way it is. You see, before you make plans to hop on the next plane down to Atlanta and roll on over to McDonough, you should know that sweet Savannah is, as they like to say down here, already spoken for. And since we're nice guys we'll even pimp her beau, Danny Moore, who's a singer/songwriter down in these here neck o' the woods. You can see where he's playing and check out a tune or two over at

Savannah6_2But enough about lucky Danny. When we asked Savannah if she plays poker, she said, "I hardly ever have time to play poker, but I love it!"

And while her love of poker is certainly a plus, let's just say she had us at "a fluffy little bunny named Peaches."

If you're looking for Savannah over at MySpace, be warned that she's set her profile on private, and probably for good reason, 'cause as Chops likes to say "MySpace is creepy." And if you go there and it says her age is 14, don't worry we haven't lost our minds. On MySpace that is the only way to make your profile private (and again for good reason), and we do know for a fact that Savannah is 20 as she lives just down the way from the WCP office and we were lucky enough to meet her before this whole "Parting Shot" series got underway. So while you may not be able to see her full profile online or photos like the one where she's dressed as a pirate for Halloween, we will share with you a Jeff Foxworthy-like tidbit (this is Georgia now) she has up on her blog entitled "Ya Might be from Georgia If"'s posted after the jump, along with a pic of Peaches.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Marissa


A blue-eyed Irish girl raised in Orange County and ends up in NYC to focus on acting, singing, and a little modeling on the side? Too good to be true? Perhaps. Find out more about Marissa over at her space on MySpace. Be prepared to pause the Shakira song.

Friday Night Parting Shot: Lauren from Laguna Hills

While in the past we've signed off on Friday night with 'parting shots' from Jessica Alba or a few of our favorite Brazilians, Wicked Chops Poker has decided--in what may or may not become a weekly tradition--to begin featuring some of the "real" girls who have joined us over in MySpace land. Yes, there's that MySpace again, but hey, we're putting it to good use.

And while these girls may not be as famous as the ones who usually grace our pages and their pics aren't from some high-dollar, glossed-up photo shoot (in fact many are digital self-portraits taken from an arm length away), we still like them just the same, and just maybe, even a tad bit more.

Which brings us first to lovely Lauren of Laguna Hills, a 24-year-old poker newbie who was kind enough to let us share a few snapshots of her (and that's her friend Tracee with her). Lauren won us over when she told us she takes regular vacations to Las Vegas (stays at the Wynn) and has taken up poker recently. As she puts its, "I've kicked the asses of several guys on many occasions." Find out more about Lauren here, and we know it would make her happy if you checked out her brother's band, Beverly, while you're at it.


Friday Night Parting Shot :: Happy Poker!

Hugs and Kisses to: Jessica Alba and

Friday Night Parting Shot :: Happy Poker!

Accomplices: Adriana Lima, Ana Beatriz Barros and


see all of Adriana and Ana here; more shots here, and here.