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Not Necessarily Just Poker News Brought to You By Steve Sanders' Wife

Nikki Ziering has aged well. She's on a Jennifer Tilly-esque aging continuum. 37? Wow. View more pics here.

:: This new poker rap is > "Poker is Fun" (not hard) but < "The Poker Rap." [link]

:: Fernanda Ferrari has gotta be a fake name and her boobs have gotta be fake too but ultimately who cares. [link]

:: Dr. Pauly is a professional cooler. [link]

:: Prepare to projectile vomit at the thought of/image of sentence number two of Doyle Brunson's latest blog. [link]

:: Vote for who you're blind shoving with this November...even though they all kind of suck. [link]

:: The greatest insurance video of all time, hands down, nothing even remotely comes close. [link]

:: Lesson learned from Chantel McNulty's plastic surgery: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. [link]

:: The Sarah Palin porno, awesomely titled "Nailin Paylin," is cumming. [link]

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Labor Day Poker Blog Round-Up

Hopefully you too are just lounging around and taking it easy like Gemma Atkinson this Labor Day. More of Gemma taking it easy here.

We're taking it easy this Labor Day, but fortunately other people are still writing about poker. Here's some good poker blog reads we found while surfing the Information SuperhighwayTM this weekend.

:: The always solid LasVegasVegas has a list of the top five poker blogs out there. Can't argue with it. [link]

:: Speaking of the best poker blogs, the forum has a debate going where someone apparently isn't a fan of WCP...or breasts. Says said poster, " for Wicked Chops that is more about tits than poker, your choice." [link]

:: Great post by on Aimlessly Chasing Amy on the so-called poker "media" and how their coverage of poker is changing, at least a little. [link]

:: Although 1/3 of the Entities took 7 years of French, we still don't understand a damn word in this French poker forum, although we can only assume it's mostly about frogs, capitulation, and the 10 hottest women who don't shave their armpits. However, one hilarious poster chimes in simply saying, "France sucks." [link]

:: Kid Dyamite has lost his shirt but not his sense of humor. [link]

:: And this should be way hotter than it is. [link]

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Tao of Poker: Five Years, Five Questions

Kim Kardashian and her big fat booty did this little performance to honor Dr. Pauly's 5 year Tao of Poker anniversary. Fortunately for all, the Tao is way more entertaining than Kim's dancing abilities.

Earlier this month Dr. Pauly celebrated the fifth birthday of the Tao of Poker. We've often referred to Pauly as the "Hardest Working Man in the So-Called Poker MediaTM," and for good reason. It's because he's the hardest working man in the so-called poker "media."

Pauly's WSOP tourney reporting often runs circles around full teams from other coverage providers. Particular the foreign teams. Particularly the Euros. They're all too busy being promiscuous and running through 100,000 condoms in two weeks while we're all eating KFC. Love those Euros.

Along with Iggy's Guinness and Poker, Dr. Pauly's Tao was the entry point for many-a-bloggers in the poker space. To commemorate five years of great poker coverage (and pissing next to pros), here's our "Five Questions (+ One to Grow On) for Dr. Pauly's First Five Years of Poker BloggingTM."

WCP: Does it feel like five years?
Pauly: Today it feels like 2.7 [years]. But some days it feels like I've been doing this for a decade. "Time fliesTM" the saying goes. The grind of everyday's both an addiction and a job. Countless nights I'm screaming into the void. The real test will be if I'm still around in 2013. Will the world end in December of 2012? Some freaks thought that year will mark the beginning of a new spiritual era, while other  fanatics are afraid that year will signify the beginning of the apocalypse. Either way, will blogs be relevant then? Or will the Tao of Poker just be collecting dust on some server in the farthest corner of the intertubes.

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Afternoon Poker Links from the 2008 WSOP + Guess the Chick with the Tat

• A day after getting knocked off his scooter by a fan, Doyle Brunson wishes fans would just let him pee. (link)

Rizen's got some explaining to do on Ultimate Bet signing. (link)

Shaniac's back blogging, calling out Doug Kim for being a schmucky tool and being sort of a schmucky tool himself with guidelines on how to deal with him at the WSOP. (link, link)

• Speaking of, Jean-Robert Bellande. (link)

• Dr. Pauly gets deep about Eskimo Clark and recalls Erick Lindgren's sick golf prop bet last summer. (link)

BodogAri is recup'd and blogging again, apparently isn't a fan of McCain or Obama. Or CardRunners. (link)

Shannon Shorr jumps back into blogging his WSOP. (link)

• Still not Johnny, Terrence Chan is blogging his series. (link)

Vanessa Rousso, who went to Duke, pops her cherry with a video blog debut about whatever she ended up talking about after she says "I am professional poker player Vanessa Rousso." (link)

• On Facebook? Send WCP contributing cougar Michele Lewis an application, she'll love it. (link)

• The PokerCrack Girls are pretty hot, dig bald dudes. (link)

Guess the tat-legged chick below. We'll give you a hint, her name rhymes with Fikki Glows. Photo answer (NSFW-ish) after the jump . . .


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