The Daily Dump™

The Daily Dump™

We really don't do The Daily Dump™ like we used to, which when we did, it wasn't daily, but close enough for us, since we're so crazy busy/lazy. So consider this post like The Daily Dump, without the little pics. Worth noting that some of these links are best clicked away from work and without small people around.

:: Remember that scene in La Dolce Vita when Anita Ekberg jumped into the Fontana di Trevi? No? Well the pics of American Idol's Antonella Barba getting wet, semi-naked and posing like a porn star in a fountain are just like that, with the only difference being that Antonella is semi-naked and posing like a porn star. As a sidenote, when the Addict saw these pics he thanked God for the Internet, because he's religious like that. -

:: While you're over at, the pics of Christina Aguilera in Las Vegas last night are worth the viewing, or whatever you choose to do with them. -

:: We spent all week in LA looking for Kate Beckinsale, and all the while she was right there on the Internet. -

:: If you ever had a crush on Kirsten Dunst, these photos will cure you. -

:: We blame for making us see this disturbing (if not strangely curious) video. Don't fall victim to it like we did. Please don't watch it. - (seriously, don't watch it)

:: You watched it didn't you? Wtf? Why didn't you listen? Ok, rinse your mind out with the best photos of Scarlett Johannson's cleavage we've seen today. They just may do the trick. -

:: If that didn't do the trick, try some new and old photos of our favorite model with a funny name, Doutzen Kroes. -

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The Daily Dump™

Keeleycalendar Keeley Hazell, the official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, is already making a play at the title in 2007 with her new calendar. - (unapologetically NSFW, as always)
PopeburnIf we were a news blog, we'd probably do a post on the whole Pope offending Muslims uproar that read something like this. -
Jessicaalbasand_1Jessica Alba getting a Costa Rican enema. -
Farting_granny_1 The complete opposite of the Jessica Alba video above. -
Christina_aguilera_1 The first two rows of pics here are mostly of Christina Aguilera's face. In other words, click the link and scroll down. - SaveManny
Kbshootthumb In case you were wondering whatwho "actor" Billy Zane has been doing since Titanic. -
Redbull1 This office is exactly like the Wicked Chops Poker office minus everything you see except for maybe the copy machine and a few chairs. -
MelitaMelita Toniolo is the hottest Latin chick we've seen in the last cinco minutos. -
ScottstappdouchebagThis video of Scott Stapp has very little to do with poker and everything to do with why he's a total douchebag. -
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The Daily Dump™

Lennoxmiller Lennox Miller wasn't (un)dressed like this when she played our WCP homegame last night. Damn. -
Rachelbilsontrl_1Rachel Bilson is the cutest girl in Christendom, even especially in a prison dress. -
Kellymonaco08290612Kelly Monaco is the Tiger Woods of girls in tank tops and jeans. -
CassietatPast WCP Parting Shot Girl Cassie gives us a shot of her new tattoo. -
Jesssimpson Something's not quite right with Jessica Simpson's face here...not that we're looking at her face here. -
Sam2006 Our new favorite blog. - The Professional Cheerleader Blog
Petranemcova Petra Nemcova returns to the Daily Dump, despite her penchant for pop singing dwarfs. -
Asmaxuk1Longtime WCP fave April Scott will be donning the Daisy Dukes soon but we like her better without them. -
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The Daily Dump™

We must confess. We've lost sight of what's important lately. We've been so focused on "hard-hitting" news, like Shana Hiatt getting Peacock-blocked by the WPT, Richard Lee getting raided by the SAPD, and Jamie Gold spamming cyberspace for hot moms as Crispin Leyser lays claim to half of his $12 mil, that we've lost touch with our softer side that selflessly likes to share with you pics/videos of Keeley Hazell and Joanna Krupa and present (ir)regular features like the Friday Night Parting Shot Girl and The Daily Dump™. And for this, we're sorry, and we hope today's Daily Dump is just the beginning of making amends, whatever that word means.

Joanna_krupa_wetpic_1 Don't just think of Joanna Krupa as another pretty girl playing poker. No this girl also knows how to pose wearing next-to-nothing like a frickin' champ. -
Keeleyhazelldd_1Our favorite new photos of the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 - Keeley Hazell. - (NSFW - meaning: open at work, lose your job)
Keeleyhazelldd1_2No wait, these are our favorite new photos of the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 - Keeley Hazell. - (NSFW, which is what you should always ass-ume when it comes to Keeley Hazell photos)
SuriSorry, totally inappropriate here, but Tom and Kate's little girl has to be the cutest Asian baby with a toupee we've seen in a long time. -
Nemcova If Petra Nemcova wasn't dating that whiny, Frodo-tall, Brit singer, James Blunt, she'd have a shot at being our official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of something. Her loss. These 4 pages of pics though are our win. -
Wsopgirls3_betusThis model we photographed at the WSOP is all over this video, as are a bunch of other models and some tool named Charlie. -
Wsopgirls6_bodoggirlBodog Girls always make us feel at home, and if this was our home, we'd never leave. -
Pamc_1Pamela Camassa is the hottest Latin girl we've seen in the last cinco minutos. -
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The Daily Dump™

LeodicaprioOdds that Leonardo DiCaprio will win the 2006 WSOP: 270,000:1. -
BarrafaeliOdds that Leonardo DiCaprio is bagging a smoking hot chick: 1:270,000. - and
LancebassisgayOdds that Lance Bass is a homosexual: (see odds for Leonardo DiCaprio bagging a smoking hot chick). -
Pb_sb_coverThese Starbucks Girls/Playboy Playmates do not work at the Starbucks in the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. - (NSFW)
Missusa2006 Miss USA Tara Conner makes us proud . . . to look at her. - and The Bastardly
GbarrosGabriela Barros is the hottest Latin girl we've seen in the last cinco minutos. - (NSFW)
IlovebeirutWhat's not to love about Beirut? -

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The Daily Dump™

Carmenchristinacokepepsi02Carmen Electra and a Coke bottle. -
AshleesimpsonThe miracle that is Ashlee Simpson. And when we way miracle, we mean thank God for plastic surgery. -
Christina_aguileraChops thinks Christina Aguilera's new song is infectious. Snake thinks Christina Aguilera might be infectious. The Addict says that's what penicillin is for. -
Kim_jongKim Jong-il's "Mega Fantastic Happy Joy Fun Hour" is "Must See TV" in North Korea, because if you don't, you're dead. -
Universetop22006 Miss Universe hopefuls are poker site hotties in training, basically. -
Kylie_rearA photo essay, more or less, explaining why Kylie Minoque is famous. -
KeeleybottomKeeley Hazell pic of the day. - (NSFW)

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The Daily Dump™

Wayne_main Wayne Allyn Root slams fellow GOP-ers for online gambling ban. -
EmmabEmma B., another bodacious Brit babe, gets it on with flotation devices. -
Bill O'Reilly on how to play poker. -
Scarlett Johannson looking all French and stuff. -
Mr. T devalues gold for God. -
CollienCollien Fernandes is hottest Latin girl we've seen in the last cinco minutos. - (NSFW)
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The Daily Dump™

Zidane Game Give the I-talian soccer player a real reason to cry. Play the Zidane Head-Butt Game. - Zidane Game
Leslie_l9Leslie Bibb is the ultimate NASCAR WAG in Talladega Nights. -
Kh72We haven't always been fans of Kate Hudson, which is confusing, considering these photos of her. - and
Finally a reason to get excited about the new Bond film. -
Aidagq1Aida Yespica is the Keeley Hazell of Italy, as far as we can tell from these photos. - (NSFW)
World Cup babes in bodypaint. - (NSFW)
Paristhumb1Enlarge these two photos of Paris Hilton getting out of a car at your own risk. We did and got syphilis, which would be more of a problem if we didn't already have syphilis. - (NSFW and SDYMBIYMUV)
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The Daily Dump™

Dailyshow_1_1Kim Jong-il's Taepo-Dong apparently is the "taepo dong" that prematurely explodes. Like the name Anurag Dikshit, the joke never gets old. - The Daily Show via
Where did all these hot, "top heavy" Brit babes come from? Today it's Jennifer Ellison. -
Keeley Hazell is still our favorite though. Hard to explain why, but these pics help. - (NSFW)
Secret_italian_trainingvideoWe love pizza, Italian women and Fellini films, but we absolutely despise the guidos on the I-talian national soccer team. This "Secret Italian Training Video" demonstrates why. -'s World Cup Phrasebook is perfect for Americans over in Germany who want to speak the language of Frogs and I-talians. -
DavidhasslehoffWe couldn't make up a story about David Hasselhoff getting kicked out of Wimbledon for being drunk while yelling "Don't you know who I am? I'm the Hoff." Thanks to the Hoff we don't have to. -
Victoria Silvstedt squirts red liquid on herself in order to sell said red liquid. -
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The Daily Dump™

Kristin Cavallari Yeh we watched Laguna Beach religiously. And not just because Kristin Cavallari was always prancing around in a bikini. No we watched because it's the most intelligent look at pre-college life in America today. -
David Cross wants you to buy him a beer and then beat it. -
Lindsay Lohan says they're real and they're spectacular. -
Natalia Bush nearly nude. - (quasi-NSFW) and
Ashlee_simpsonNot nearly as hot as your sister? Then work on your self esteem like Ashlee Simpson did. Oh yeh and get a buttload of plastic surgery while you're at it, turn down Playboy and then get hired by Vicky's Secret. It's all so simple really. - and
50 Cent is a wise, wise man. At least when it comes to getting girls drunk for a threesome. -
Pamela Anderson can't help touching herself. -
Locked, Stocked and Two Smoking Latinas: Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. -

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The Daily Dump™

It's hard work always trying to make a story about Keeley Hazell or Sienna Miller or Giselle Bundchen or whoever we fancy at the moment somehow relate to poker. Hard, hard work. Crap, half the time we make the stuff up just so we can share a pic with you. Seriously. We're crazy like that. But those crazy days are over, because life isn't just about poker you know. It's also sometimes about pondering Lindsay Lohan's constantly changing breasts size. And that's why we've created the Daily Dump™, a daily dump of links, if you will, to pics, videos and stories we come across over at some of our regular reads that we think you'll enjoy and have nothing to do with poker. Sure, it will generally be links to girls you should be introduced to or reacquainted with or whatever you choose to do with, but that may or may not be the entire scope of it. We just don't know yet. Just like we don't know if the Dump™ will actually be daily, which if you're a regular reader of Wicked Chops Poker, you probably won't be holding your breath.

Gemma_small Gemma Atkinson, just another British babe who likes to say "boobs."
- (quasi-NSFW)
Ivan_small Are NASCAR WAGS hotter than Soccer WAGS?
- Flickr and
Lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan may or may not have implants. We may or may not care.
- and
Brasilian_soccer_girl Psst. Did you know some hot girls are in Germany for the World Cup?
- and Fox Sports
Katebosworthsmall One (and only) reason to see Superman Returns: Kate Bosworth.
- Popoholic
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