Vikki Blows

Vikki Blows in Front Magazine Will Also Please You


Vikki Blows is a Keeley Hazell away from being our OWCPG.

If Keeley Hazell ever decided to call it quits from dropping the top, which, Allah willing, hopefully never happens, the fantastically named and dangerously hot Vikki Blows would no doubt take her spot as the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl. And this new photo spread in Front Magazine is the latest reason why.

Click away below for completely NSFW shots of Vikki Blows.

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Poker News + Not So Poker-y Links with Vikki Blows in a Fro

Vikki Blows rocks the Fro for today's poker news

Online poker still as criminal as child porn in Wash State, says Judge Mary Roberts, a woman. (link)
Charles Barkley says he'll make good on Wynn gambling debt. (link)
Jean-Robert Bellande say he'll make good on Wynn gambling debt too. (link)
• Live poker in Pennsylvania being considered but still a long shot. (link)
Hitler is the new Star Wars Kid. (link)
• Hey look, it's Dave Hellmuth. (link)
• Speaking of Devilfish, his 20-ish-year-old hot girlfriend is apparently good at being a woman. (link)
• Could Audrina Patridge's body be any hotter? That was a rhetorical question. (link)
Phil Hellmuth gets his mug on millions of cans of The Beast Light. (link)
Christina Aguilera is good at reminding us she has huge fake breasts. (link)
Daniel Negreanu might be a liberal. (link)
Hooters for "hooters" poker tournament kicks off today in Vegas. (link)
• Is Keeley Hazell getting modest on us? Please God, no! (link)
• We should pay more attention to Brit hottie Cheryl Tweedy, starting now. (link)
• Ditto with Nadine Coyle. (link)
• Photos of Harrah's half-naked painted girls on Wall Street yesterday show once again why promo models make this world a better place. (link)
Montel Williams officially has more time to play poker and pimp drugs. (link)
Hugo's Blogspotting is always a good read...this week: Annette_15 envy and Oliver Tse getting all Ashcroft-y about the Final Table delay. (link)
• Hopefully Terrence "Not Johnny" Chan kept the receipt for his new poker-themed kicks. (link).

More Vikki Blows photos here and here and one more photo after the jump . . .

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Lee Jones to Join as Chief Operating Officer

Vikki_blows_armyBluff Magazine has broken a story that Lee Jones (not at right), the ex-poker room manager for, will join as its new Chief Operating Officer.

Jones had been working as host and organizer for EPT events, as well as its lead broadcaster.

"Team Cardrunners"  (Taylor "Green Plastic" Caby, Cole "cts" South, Brian "sbrugby" Townsend, Eric "p3achy_keen" Liu, Brian "Stinger885" Hastings, Mike "Schneids" Schneider, and Andrew "muddywater" Wiggins) recently joined the Full Tilt Poker roster.

Read the full story at Bluff here.

* Special thanks to Vikki Blows for making this post a little sexier. Get more Vikki Blows at the Vikki Blows blog. Vikki Blows Vikki Blows Vikki Blows.

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Frida Johansson Video Too Hot for CardPlayer Italia?

Maybe we should just keep quiet when we see a video we like.

First it was the "Wicked Chops Poker Rap" video performed by WPT hotties Layla Kayleigh and Kimberly Lansing, which was taken off YouTube soon after we posted it.

Then it was Layla Kayleigh's WPT outtakes video in which she joked around about having a Bindi dot while doing her best punjabi accent. A day after it was posted on Wicked Chops, it vanished.

And now today, we have CardPlayer Italia's voyeuristic video of sexy poker masseuse Frida Johansson at the EPT San Remo. Yep, you guessed it. It's been deleted from YouTube only hours after we posted it here. Sure, it was a bit creepy in a perv, upskirt-ish like way but we figured if anyone could get away with it the Italians could. But we guess not.

If you have the scoop on its removal from YouTube, we'd love to know. In the meantime, to make up for the deletion, a quasi-NSFW video of Vikki Blows wearing not much of anything after the jump. Watch it while you can.

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Poker Blog Round-Up: 2008 WSOP Main Event Seats, Trip Reports, Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza, The Jennicide Prophecy, and More Vikki Blows

This is the second of our new series of poker blog round-ups at Wicked Chops Poker in which we send people to other blogs to get their poker news fix. Ironically it coincides with yet another slow poker news day and the submission of our latest BLUFF Magazine article, meaning we're at a temporary creative lull.

Vikki_blows_naked_not:: The 2008 WSOP is just two months away, and Poker Stars is giving away 1,000 Main Event seats. (Click here)

:: One of our favorite and most underrated poker bloggers, Kid Dynamite, just got back from another Vegas junket and posted his Trip Report trilogy. (Click here)

:: Potential Official WCP Girl of 2008, Vikki Blows, is still ridiculously attractive. (Click here)

:: The Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza returns in April. (Click here)

:: We all know Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh will be posing nude in this coming month's Playboy, but does she have some sort of mp? (Click here)

:: And finally, us linking to Iggy who is linking to other interesting items in a similar link dump post. (Click here)

Got a poker blog and a story, shoot us an e-mail.

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Vikki Blows Is Not Absolute Poker's UK Ambassador

Vikki Blows New WebsiteIn a follow-up story to our earlier post on Liv Boeree being named Absolute Poker's UK ambassador, potential Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2008 Vikki Blows was not named Absolute Poker's UK ambassador.

However, Vikki Blows does have a new website with lots of NSFW pictures and videos, which definitely isn't the worst way to spend a few minutes in the bathroom.


More Vikki Blows below:

Vikki Blows Photos
More Vikki Blows Photos
Vikki Blows Video

Thanks to reader Roachie for the link.

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Vikki Blows Brings You Today's Poker News

Vikki Blows lingerie photo

:: Phil Hellmuth got booted from some swanky London restaurant for wearing his hat...stay tuned for more breaking and shocking news here (Click here)

:: Bodog is tossing $75k into the pot during its inaugural Bodog Poker Open series (Click here)

:: Speaking of, apparently Bodog's Calvin Ayre and Babette Pepaj are still squabbling, this time about his Calvin Ayre Foundation (Click here)

:: The Asian Poker Tour, the first and largest poker tour in the Asian Countries, is being bought by online and land-based gaming company AsianLogic (Click here)

:: The Heartland Poker Tour keeps rolling, now in its third year and already awarding $8.2 mil (Click here)

:: A Steve Rosenbloom poker's been awhile (Click here)

:: Noted antitrust lawyer Ken Adams has been added to the World Poker Association's board of directors (Click here)

Below and after the jump photos of the wickedly hot Vikki Blows surprisingly wearing a top most of the time. To WCP reader Justin, a big Vikki Blows fan, we think you're gonna like the NSFW one after the jump.

Vikki Blows photo Vikki Blows photo Vikki Blows photo

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Friday Night Parting Shot Video: Vikki Blows

Vikki Blows, the wickedly hot British glam model who says she gets her "tittys (sic) out 4 a living" because she is "too lazy to get a proper job", is back with the video below from her 2008 Calendar photo shoot.

In related news, 19-year-old Hollywoodian model or something Hanna Beth kind of reminds us of an American version of Vikki Blows except more My Chemical Romance than Sex Pistols. Unlike Blows, we don't think Hannah is into the whole getting her "tittys out 4 a living." She does knows how to flick a bird though.

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Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar Makes for a Good Post

Joanna Krupa 2008 calendarJoanna Krupa is making up for her disappointing no-show at this year's World Series of Poker.

The Poland-born supermodel and occasional poker player with perhaps the finest body in all of Christendom is living up to her "I'd rather go naked" mantra by dropping the top for her 2008 calendar. It's pants-down the best we've seen from the class of 2008 and that's saying a lot considering she's up against the likes of Keeley Hazell, Vikki Blows (NSFW) and Gemma Atkinson.

After the jump, check out a few of the more modest months from her 2008 calendar as well as a video from the photo shoot.

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Poker News and Girls Your Mom Would Be Proud Of

Barry GreensteinVikki BlowsKim Kardashian PlayboyLucypinderralphShay_laren
:: Big gamer Barry Greenstein is predicting Congress will pass legislation contrary to the UIGEA in less than 6 months. Wonder if he's taking bets on that. []

:: British sex pistol Vikki Blows is freaky hot in her 2008 calendar pics. [] (NSFW)

:: The EPT Dublin kicked off today with UK poker pro Roland de Wolfe looking to defend his title. []

:: Media whore and whore whore Kim Kardashian classes up a bit in the latest issue of Playboy, in that none of the photos show her getting banged by some dude. [Celebslam]

:: Las Vegas Sun business writer Jeff Simspon ain't too happy with the last two WSOP champs and he doesn't think Harrah's is either. Join the crowd. [Las Vegas Sun]

:: Are we smoking crack if we think Lucy Pinder's face kind of looks like Riki Lake or are we just smoking crack because we're looking at her face in these photos from Ralph Magazine? []

:: Shay Laren is a dirty little exhibitionist who likes to do the Jenny Woo on camera. These pics are as clean as they come. Give 'em a look then google away. []

Our "Hottest Girl in Poker search is heating up with Lacey Jones way out in front and Brandi Hawbaker a surprise second based on your emails and comments. Got a favorite? Did we miss someone in our post? Chime in here.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Vikki Blows

Vikkiblows1When it comes to girls, we like the hot freaky ones the best, and 19-year-old Brit chick Vikki Blows is about as hot and freaky as they come.

A 5'2", black-haired, pierced-all-over, inked up sex pistol who's dropped the top for every men's mag in the UK over the past year, Blows is the Sid Vicious of British glam models who has been swindling eyes away from Keeley Hazell with titillating photo spreads that make even our OWCPG come across like a prude spinster.

We could tell you more about Miss Blows but she sums herself up best on her MySpace page:

Vikki Blows IS my real name
Im 19 years old i live in essex
no I dont own any white stilitoes , oh ok maybe 1 pair
I get my tiitys out 4 a living, its alright
i do this as i am too lazy to get a proper job ;-)
my heart is set on world domination
this absoultely must happen
In fact i wont stop til it does
I have 9 pierceings and 4 tattoos, i do plan on getting more
I like talking about the weather and other such things
Im obsessive, compulsive and i hate germs
I wash my hands way too much
my birthday is the 30th december
Flakey is the best way to describe me
Trouble comes to mind 2 ;-)
Cunt is a good word, one of my favs in fact
I am learning to play the guitar
By this I mean, i have puchased a guitar and it is in the corner of my room, collecting dust.
I dont Drink or do Drugs, I have the odd cigarette now and then tho
Im a bit of a dickhead sometimes
I spend most of my time doing Nothing , im not complaining
im very shy
i wish i could dress up like a pin up girl everyday
Contrary to my myspace page, I hate talking about myself
Im nothing like you think i am.

Add to the above the fact that she has "The Bucket" by Kings of Leon playing on her MySpace page and Blows just may be the perfect woman . . . that you'd never take home to mom.

After the jump, more photos of Vikki Blows and links to pages you'll want to wait until your home from work to visit.

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Fire Up the Poker News (and Girls)

Camillasjoberg:: Fascism spreads to the UK as more than 1,000 online gambling sites may not be able to advertise there after September 1. Seriously, did the West lose a war? [PokerListings]

:: Camilla Sjoberg (right) is the hottest Italian chick we've seen in the past cinque minuti. [Gorilla Mask (NSFW)]

:: Utah, a state that sometimes creeps the fuck out of us, is getting even creepier as it sends out letters to online poker players warning they could be in violation of state laws. [Gambling 911]

:: World Poker Tour signs exclusive deal with Card Player, thus shutting out other media outlets. On the good news front, WPT video host Kimberly Lansing is sexy cute. [THE Poker Biz][Video of Kimberly Lansing]

Vikki_blows:: Black hair Brit pixie Vikki Blows (left) is a dirty girl with a dirty name who gives us dirty thoughts. [Maxim UK]

:: Nine out of 10 penises agree that Megan Fox is the hottest chick in Hollywood right now. [Popoholic]

:: After losing Full Tilt Poker as a sponosr, the Moscow Millions has been rescheduled for Nov. 24-26. [Card Player]

:: We're guessing Shay Laren is what they call a lingerie model. [Horny Oyster]

UPDATE: If the Vikki Blows link doesn't work above, search her name on the site or go become her MySpace friend and ask her to send you some pics. She'd like that.

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