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The Tao of Steve (Lipscomb)

Steve_lipscomb Twitter is a phenomom on par with Beatlemania, Fernandomania, Pac Man Fever, the Summer of the Shark, and idiots in 1994 who claimed that Killing Zoe was their favorite Tarantino movie. Yep, twitter pretty much dominates conversation right now.

While 1/3 of the Entities despises twitter about as much as Joan Rivers hates Annie Duke, the other 2/3's are all over it, and are particularly keen on WPT head honcho Steve Lipscomb's tweets.

Call them little nuggets of wisdom or moments of bliss. Call them whatever you want. Just count us as fans. Here are some of our favorites:

"God love southwest airlines. Sat next to flav o' flave on the way to vegas, doubt my return will be quite so colorful ... Coaxed him to get on the plane mic"

"do you think someone will string all these twits together someday and make the monkey could write shakespeare argument?"

"Asking myself why the native americans didn't win -- they were right about the curse of owning things . . ."

"Tired of "What are you doing?" How about "Who are you doing?" Twitter could still be the name of the site . . . with feeling . . ."

"Okay, I think we should limit meetings to 140 characters each . . . . any objections (keep them brief please . . .)"

"Who are the fucktards that keep voting for Danny Gokey? That guy sings like a grizzly bear. Rather sit next 2 Phil Laak on an international flight than listen to Gokey sing for 90 secs..."*

Enjoy more here.

* Possibly made that last one up.

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Yevgeniy Timoshenko Wins WPT Championship; ElkY Secures Player of the Year Honors

Yevgeniy Timoshenko with a brown wig? Maybe? Or Ukrainian model Olga Kurylenko?

As expected, Yevgeniy Timoshenko ran away from the field and captured the WPT Championship at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Timoshenko caught our eye earlier in the tournament, although not necessarily for his poker skills. But the Russian Ukrainian a woman who now resides in Washington State has been killing it online for years. Now, he adds the WPT's top prize and another $2.1M+ to his bankroll.

Timoshenko defeated Ran Azor heads-up for the title, ensuring Joe Bartholdi's status as the most random WPT Championship winner for at least another year.

ElkY Grospellier finished third, wrapping up WPT Player of the Year honors and adding another $776,245 to his tournament earnings.

Christian Harder finished fourth ($571,965), followed by "Good for" Shannon Shorr ($408,550), and Scotty Nguyen ($285,985).

Get a full recap of the evening and interview with Timoshenko here.

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WPT Championship: Handicapping The Final Table

Wpt-logo The WPT Championship final table is set.

Yevgeniy Timoshenko. Early on Day 2 of the event, we asked the WPT team if Yevgeniy Timoshenko, a woman, was a chick, because of this picture. Later we did a post on him. Come to find out the dude is SOLID. Most think he's the real deal. Plus, he's got the Russian thing going for him. After Slumdog Millionaire, Vivek Rajkumar's run, and Anoop Desai's early front-runner status on American Idol, we thought it was the Year of the IndianTM. But then Anoop flamed out, killing that theory. In poker, it's clearly the Year of the RussianTM, even if said Russian actually lives in Seattle. Whatever. Timoshenko is big stacked at 13,300,000. He's got the mojo. We've got him listed at 1:1.

Christian Harder. Who? What? Harder is second overall in chips with 7,425,000. He's played solid all week. Third place feels right. 6:1 odds.

ElkY Grospellier. ElkY could grab WPT Player of the Year honors with a fourth place finish, which we think he'll do, because he'll finish second. No non-Russian is hotter in poker right now. EklY is currently third overall with 5,955,000. Odds of winning: 3:1.

Scotty Nguyen. Nobody has more primetime poker experience at this final table than Nguyen. He's played great poker all week. He's been focused. It would be no shocker for him to make a run at this title, despite having a ways to go to catch up. A win would actually make Scotty tournament poker's all-time money winner, so there's some extra incentive if he cares about that kind of thing (like a Phil Hellmuth would, for example). Nguyen is fourth overall going into final table play with 3,275,000. Odds of winning: 5:1 just because he's Scotty Nguyen, baby.

Ran Azor: Who? What? Azor is fifth overall with 2,525,000. Odds of winning: 47:1.

Shannon Shorr: The common sentiment among most people upon hearing Shorr, the guy with the hot porn star sounding girl's name, made the final table has been, "Good for Shannon." The dude has been one of poker's most consistent performers and has been doing it the right way (except for this incident): building his bankroll on his own, no backers, still going to school, and just doing his thing. However, Shorr kind of has that "happy to be here" vibe. He's way short, with 1,130,000, although hopefully he'll cling on to a fifth place finish to milk just a little more TV time and maybe nab himself a deal with one of the online poker sites out there. Odds of winning: 10:1.

Final table play starts at 4pm PST.

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WPT Championship: Scotty Nguyen Adds Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of The Day To List of Accomplishments

A total of 32 poker titles. Five WSOP bracelets. One WPT title. One $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. title. One WSOP Main Event title. And now, finally, Scotty Nguyen can add a Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day to his long list of accomplishments.

With just 10 remaining, Nguyen holds the chip lead at the WPT Championship, stacked at 5,880,000. If Nguyen wins this tourney, he'll end up just a few hundred grand behind Jamie Gold as the all-time poker tournament money winner.

Nguyen is followed by Yevgeniy Timoshenko, a woman, with 5,105,000.

Also remaining is porn star Shannon Shorr with 3,155,000. Shorr has been one of the most consistent players on the circuit for the past few years, is always near the top of various Player of the Year standings, yet receives practically no pub. A WPT TV final table appearance at this championship would definitely change that...if people still watched the WPT on TV.

We keed. We keed.

Also still alive is ElkY Grospellier with 1,965,000. We get it ElkY, you're good. Enough already. Leave some tournament money for everyone else.

Full chip counts here.

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WPT Championship: Eugene Katchalov Leads After Day 4

Wpt-logo Day 4 is in the books at the WPT Championship. The field is down to 24 and Eugene Katchalov of Russia Brooklyn leads them all, stacked at 4,294,000.

Close behind him and third overall in chips is Victor/Victoria Yevgeniy Timoshenko with 2,613,000. Some of the big names remaining include Scotty Nguyen (1,823,000), half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (1,575,000), Jeff Madsen (1,265,000), damn-this-guy-is-good ElkY Grospellier (1,230,000), damn-this-guy-is-good-too-and-has-a-hot-porn-star-name Shannon Shorr (1,200,000), Jennifer Harman, a woman (821,000),and Joe Sebok Zach Hyman Hyman Roth Matt Hyman (433,000).

Get full chip counts here.

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WPT Championship: Steve Billirakis Leads Day 3, Phil Ivey Lurking

Day 3 has wrapped at the WPT Championship with Steve Billirakis as the chip leader, stacked at 1,722,000. Billirakis you might remember as the youngest WSOP bracelet winner in history. Or you may not remember him. Either way, he's chip leader. Fuck off.

Billirakis is followed by Joe Sebok Zach Hyman Hyman Roth Matt Hyman with 1,663,000. Mark Seif is third for now until he gets too aggressive and spews off his 1,315,000 in chips. Nenad Medic will probably final table as he's fourth overall with 1,306,000. And David Singer is fifth with 1,116,000.

Only 62 remain. Plenty of notables, including but not limited to Phil Ivey (1,036,000), Jennifer Harman (828,000), Jeff Madsen (712,000), Scotty Nguyen (557,000), ElkY (378,000), Chris "Jesus" Ferguson (338,000), and Mike Matusow (272,000).

Get full chip counts here.

In related news, for those of you in Vegas, you've noticed it's gotten really hot this week, which means the pools are kicking, which means hot girls in bikinis (see below).

Watch Hot 100 Launch Party with Arianny Celeste on
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WPT Championship: Jean Noel Thorel Leads After Day 2

Wpt-logo The WPT Championship played down to 168 on Day 2, and when the dust cleared (<--kidding about that phrase), Jean Noel Thorel, who we know nothing about other than he looks like this and he has a French-sounding name so he's probably a frog. Thorel is stacked at 743,500. He's followed by the still hot Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier with 678,300. ElkY is to 2008-2009 tournament poker what the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran (125,500) was to tournament poker from 2006-2008.

Among the top 10 big stacks are also Steve Billirakis (672,400), Dan Heimiller, a ginger (655,700), Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke (583,800), and Jeff Madsen (479,200) who is on his way towards getting a million dollars again (go about 2:45 in here).

Plenty of big names still remain. Some might say that the field is "littered" with big names. Some might say. Get full chip counts here.

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Layne Flack With A Douchebag Comment In 3, 2, 1...

In the above video, Layne Flackshatters the world record for making a douchebag comment to start an interview, previously held by Pauly Shorewhen he said, "It's the weee-zelll...owwwww...glaze your do-nuts..." in 1993 on Mtv. Seriously, we go back and forth between not being able to remotely tolerate the guy to having the utmost respect for him as Flack clearly does not give a sliver of a fuck what people are writing/saying about him.

In related news, Justin Young is currently the chip leader at the WPT Championship. Absolute must to check out the site for continuing updates here. Their crew does the best job in poker...

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Daniel Fuhs Closes Day 1B of WPT Championship as Chip Leader

J.C. Tran's spectacular breasts are among the Day 1B chip leaders at the WPT Championship. View more of his latest photoshoot here.

Good turnout for Day 1B of the WPT Championship, as 211 entered. Today the fields combine, with 301 of the registered 337 remaining.

Daniel Fuhs closed out Day 1B as chip leader, stacked at 254,200. Other big named big stacks include Steve Billirakis (232,450), the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran (218,300), and half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (210,425).

Notable eliminations include Clonie Gowen, a woman, and Allen Cunningham. Get full combined field chip counts here.

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Vadim Trincher Running Good, Leads World Poker Tour Championship Day 1A

Wpt-logo We're no math wizards, but somewhere around a week or so ago Vadim Trincher won the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic. He banked over $731,000 and won a seat into the WPT Championship, which began Saturday.

Trincher is still running good, as he ended Day 1A of the aforementioned WPT Championship as chip leader, stacked at 309,725.

This is a mega-deep-stack event, as everyone starts with 100,000 in chips. That makes it even more surprising that Phil Hellmuth showed up late (he twittered that he was at Antonio Esfandiari's VIP cabana) and then busted about 15 minutes after he arrived.

Other Day 1A big stacks include second overall in chips (seriously? really?) Johnny Chan (291,675), Burt Boutin (281,000), and Shaun Deeb (269,900).

Only 19 people from the starting 126 busted, with notables including Kevin Saul and Daniel Alaei.

Get full chip counts here.

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Vadim Trincher Wins WPT Foxwoods Poker Classiczzzzzzz

Wpt-logo Vadim Trincher a 48 year-old ex-commie from the Soviet Union Russia took down the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic, defeating Amnon Fillipi heads-up for the title.

With the win (banking $731,079), the uber-aggressive Trincher, who now lives in NYC, pushes his career tournament earnings to over $1M.  

Fillipi takes $409,405 for second.

Get full final table payouts here.

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Lee Markholt/Watkinson Gunning for Second WPT Title

Wpt-logo It'll be a short day at the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic. Only 10 remain, with play starting at noon EST and wrapping when the six-man TV final table is set.

Among those still alive is Lee Markholt/Watkinson, who is second overall in chips with 1,314,000. He only trails Lenny Cortellino with 1,520,000. In related news, has anybody born after 2000 been named Lenny? That name has pretty much been retired, right?

Amnon Filipi (1,248,000) and Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler (394,000) are also still alive.

Get full chip counts and recaps here.

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WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic Isn't What It Used to Be

Wpt-logo Only 259 players showed for the 2009 WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic (or basically the same number of tweets David Williams does in an hour).

This means the event will only pay out $731,079 for first. Why does this matter? It doesn't, really. But Foxwoods was home to the first ever WPT million dollar top prize. And just last year, Erik Seidel won $992,890 for taking the title.

So why the decline? First, you gotta blame The EconomyTM. Second, pros freaking hate Foxwoods. And third, the Bellagio prelim events are going on, and a lot of West Coast based pros are hitting that instead (see previous sentence as to one of the main reasons why).

Anyway, at the beginning of Day 2 play, the aforementioned David Williams is chip leader, stacked at 195,000. Hoyt Corkins isn't far behind with 164,000. And overnight chip leader Ken Adams is stacked at 145,000.

Also among the big stacks are Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler (117,000), Jonathan Little (95,000), Steve Brecher (93,000), Mike Matusow (85,000), and Dan Heimiller, a ginger (84,000).

Get full chip counts and live reporting here.

UPDATE: Ryan Fisler ended Day 2 as chip leader with 422,000. David Williams is stacked at 314,300. Also alive are Barry Greenstein 151,200, Hoyt Corkins (144,400), Mike Matusow (93,800), Steve Brecher, who if he wins we say gets to take the nickname "Back To Back" from Layne Flack (68,500), and Jonathan Little (64,600). Only 59 remain.


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The WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Tournament Hates Women

Wpt-logo Two years ago, J.J. Liu, a woman, almost became the first woman to win a WPT open tournament by almost capturing the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event. Then last year, Jennifer Harman, a woman, almost became the first woman to win a WPT title by almost capturing the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event.

This year, it was Kathy Liebert, a woman's turn.

Liebert was chip leader with only three remaining. But after a grueling heads-up match (eventually breaking the record for most hands played all-time at a WPT final table), Liebert, one of the all-time greatest female players, succumbed to middle-of-the-road pro Steve Brecher. Draw your own conclusions about it all if you'd [ here ].

For the win, Brecher banked $1,025,500. Liebert took $550,000 for second.

Get full payouts here.

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Kathy Liebert, A Woman, Goes For First WPT Title (For The Sixth Time)

Unless someone at the final table is blind and only got there through sympathy votes and we're not aware of it, the only real storyline we're following at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star now is if Kathy Liebert, a woman, can win her first WPT title and become the first woman to ever capture a World Poker Tour title.*

This is Liebert's sixth WPT final table. Phil Ivey got the monkey off his back last year at the LAPC, will Kathy do the same this year?

She'll be third in chips entering play, stacked at 1,180,000. She trails overall big stack Tony Behari (2,046,000) and Steve Brecher (2,016,000) who is making his second WPT final table and we guess some people consider a "name" pro but let's face it, who gives a shit.

Get full chip counts here.

* For all of you dorks who keep pointing out non-open WPT events, we're talking about open WPT events.

In wildly unrelated news, below scientiests discover the world's first sexual predator.

Paleontologists Discover Skeleton Of Nature’s First Sexual Predator
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A Bunch of Non-Stars Lead WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars

Wpt-logo They're in the money at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars, with a friends and familyTM leader board going into Day 3 play. Only four so-called "shooting stars" remain.

Michael Kamran has the chip lead, stacked at 570,500. He's followed by Tony Behari (553,000) and Chris Moore (539,500).

Notables still alive include Kathy Liebert (385,000), Paul Wasicka (297,000), Steve Brecher (151,500), Hoyt Corkins (124,500), the hotter than a really spicy dish of Indian food Vivek Rajkumar (124,000), and Joe Sebok (116,500).

Get full chip counts here.

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Aya Fukunaga Micro Bikini Dancing Video Brings You Today's Poker News

Aya-fukunaga Honestly there isn't any real poker news today. Just a few poker-y links below that serve as an excuse to share with you a ridiculously hot video of Japan's Aya Fukunaga dancing around all sexy-like in a tiny bikini and covered in baby oil. There isn't a better 5:40 on the Internet. Pretty NSFW for those who aren't their own bosses but f&#k it, you're probably going to get laid off anyway. WATCH VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP HERE.

Zac Efron, the High School Musical kid who makes Dario Minieri look like a man, won some poker tournament in Australia against the likes of Joe Hachem and Kings of Leon. [link]

:: The WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars got underway today and the WPT Live Updates crew is throwing down some mad tweets. Okay, there's no way to make Twitter sound cool. [link]

:: Celebrity(?) Apprentice's Annie Duke is hooked on the Twitter. Stalk her @RealAnnieDuke so you can read about how small her and Joe "Pretty Boy" Reitman's bed was last night. Okay, maybe don't. [link]

:: Layne Flack seems to be doing just great a week after getting a DUI in Vegas, chumming around with Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho "on the 50 yard line" of a Sharks hockey game. [link]

:: Amanda Leatherman just got the scoop from the horse's mouth himself (wink, wink...get it? Layne has huge effing horse teeth). Of note, Flack douchery reaches new heights when he reveals he drives a Corvette. [link]

:: Two Canadians brought their "Eh" game to the WSOP Circuit Event in Atlantic Shitty, going one-two. Relatedly, they're still doing WSOP Circuit events? Also relatedly, why? [link]

Continue reading "Aya Fukunaga Micro Bikini Dancing Video Brings You Today's Poker News" »

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Wasn't Layne Flack in Rehab?

We're not 100% on this, but we're pretty sure Layne Flack did a stint in rehab. Seems like that worked out pretty good for him. posted a great video from the WPT Invitational Saturday night. We really didn't feel like "going there" in our first write-up, but why not now: basically everyone at the event was super cool. It was a lot of fun. The WPT, Matt Savage, and the Commerce Casino did a great job putting it all together.

All the celebs and pros were in good spirits. However there were all two people that were acting like complete douchebags in the event: Layne Flack and the guy with the big forehead in the background of this video.

Anyway Layne, before you declare your love for Trishelle Cannatella, make sure you've got about 47 condoms to wrap around your dong and are already taking Valtrex.

Having said that, Trishelle looks way better in person than you'd think. Too bad her vag has been a parking lot for half of the penises in Las Vegas.

Flack douching it up below.

Fun with Flack from PokerListings TV

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Freddy Deeb Wins WPT Invitational

In honor of its winner, we'll keep this one short: half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb won the WPT Invitational.

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The Entities Who Comprise Wicked Chops Poker Didn't Last Long in the WPT Invitational

A year's supply of steak was wasted just so Jose Canseco could wear that outfit. Photo Credit:
World Poker Tour

Let's just say that the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker have had much, much better outings than what happened at the WPT Invitational on Saturday.

Usually when the Entities go out and play any event, after the inevitable bedlam ensues, at least 1/3 of said Entities cracks "the money" or "the final table." Without the requisite exaggeration, this happens about 90% of the time.

What happens 0% of the time is having all Entities gone with about the first 25% of the field.

So there really is a first time for everything.

Some random notes:

:: Ricki Lake, who looks way better at 40 than she did at 30, is more or less responsible for crippling Snake, leading to his eventual ouster.

:: Not that we weren't going to already, but Samm Levine sold us on seeing Inglorious Basterds.

:: For whatever reason, wearing nothing but leather isn't totally bizarre looking on Jose Canseco.

:: People really love them some William Hung.

:: Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth are still dating.

:: And for the .01% of our readers who watch The Bachelor, Chris Harrison says that about 99% of what's on Reality Steve's blog is "totally fabricated."

Final six play it out today. Keep track of it here.

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Cornel Cimpan Wins 2009 WPT LAPC

584690 This post is for Cornel Andrew Cimpan's two kids and any other family he may have because we're pretty sure those are the only people who care that he won the 2009 WPT LA Poker Classic early this morning. The Romanian immigrant (we're guessing here) takes back to Somewhere, Texas a pretty payday of $1,686,760. Cimpan (seen at right, pic from this page) also wins a $25k entry into the WPT World Championship this April.

In the players you may care about department, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson came in the short stack and was the first to go to finish 6th. Chris Karagulleyan will keep his charter member status in the Temp Hutter Club as he blew his chip lead to finish 4th. And in third was Mike "SowersUNCC" Sowers.

For Amanda Leatherman's interview with Cimpan, click here

For Owen Laukkanen's recap of the final table, go here

For video of a bodypaint fashion show, go here.

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Chris Karagulleyan Guns For Second WPT Title in Just Seven Years

Wpt-logo Those of you watching Season 1 of the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports recently or who have memories on par with elephants are probably familiar with Chris Karagulleyan. He was the guy in the suit with the facial ticks who won the second ever WPT event back in 2002.

Those of you not watching Season 1 of the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports recently or who have memories on par with trout have no idea who Chris Karagulleyan is, because after he won the second ever WPT event back in 2002, he pretty much went the way of Temp Hutter and was never heard from again.

In fact, Karagulleyan is one of the charter members of the Temp Hutter Club. However, he may be playing himself off that list today. [copy + paste] Karagulleyan brings the chip lead to the LAPC final table, stacked at 4,080,000.

[copy + paste] Karagulleyan is followed by Mike Sowers with 2,405,000. Joining them and making his first ever WPT final table is Chris "Jesus" Ferguson with 1,565,000.

Get full chip counts and reports (and follow the final table action starting at 4PM PST) here.

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Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe Is Entertaining

Teddy-monroe-28791 Day 5 is now underway at the LAPC and they're down to 19 players already. Among them is noted hustler and regular on the poker scene Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe, who was in his usual form yesterday at the Commerce. Check out this video of The Iceman boasting he's the best player in the world. Or at least one of them.

While Iceman is hanging in there today at the bottom of the count, Chris Karagulleyan, Payman Arjang and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson lead the field, or as we like to say, they're winning. Play will stop at 6 for the final TV table. WPT is still on TV right?

Follow the action here.

Semi-related to the above, how to tell if diamonds are fake.

Photo of Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe courtesy of PokerListings. Check out Owen Laukkanen's Teddy write up from yesterday here.

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Chris "Jesus" Ferguson Leads LAPC With 20 Remaining

Jesus_ferguson As many of you know, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson didn't play World Poker Tour events for years, as he and a group of other (mostly) FTP'ers filed a pretty ridiculous lawsuit against Lipscomb & Co.

The parties settled said suit, and now Full Tilt more or less covers the production costs of WPT broadcasts. Maybe the Israelis and Palestinians could learn something from FTP and the WPT.


Ferguson, who is arguably one of the best no-limit hold'em tournament players alive and already makes more money than most of the highest paid athletes do in a year, is looking to add another milli plus to his sizable warchest, as he ended Day 4 of the LAPC as chip leader, stacked at 1,721,000.

Ferguson is followed by Payman Arjang with 1,488,000, and Chris Karagulleyan with 1,146,000.

Other notables remaining include Nick Schulman (850,000), Mike Sowers (626,000), Nordberg (423,000), and Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe (264,000).

Get full chip counts here.

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Daniel Negreanu, Jeff Madsen, Bertrand Grospellier Among LAPC Day 1 Chip Leader

Wpt-logo The LAPC Main Event got underway yesterday with 695 entrants, making the total prize pool just shy of the $7M Jamie Gold decided to skip out on to play his charity tourney (fyi, seats are still available, go here to sign up).

Lots of big name big stack among the 412 survivors. Not included among them is overall chip leader Kasey Nam with 141,000. He's followed though by Daniel Negreanu (128,000, more on him in a moment), Jeff Madsen (112,500), and Bertrand Grospellier (86,000). Nick Schulman (79,000) and defending champ Phil Ivey (75,000) are also among the people you probably have heard of and care about with fairly large stacks.

There are about 407 other people we haven't listed still alive, so get their chip counts here.

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Allen Carter Wins WPT Southern Poker Championship, Banks $1M

Full results here.

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WPT Southern Poker Championship Final Table is Blah

Wpt-logo Pretty sure this is the biggest Friends & FamilyTM final table in WPT history. Let's just get this out of the way, here are the remaining six: Soheil Shamseddin (3,061,000), Allen Carter (1,673,000), Hilbert Shirey (1,353,000), Tyler Smith (1,271,000), Bobby Suer (651,000), Chuck Kim (386,000).

Some might say the bigger story is who didn't make the TV final table. Although that's barely a story either. Just missing out in 7th place is SI Swimsuit "model" Vanessa Rousso, who went to Duke. Thanks to reader Kevmath for sending us the link confirming it is a paid Poker Stars ad/spread (no shocker there).

Another woman, Jena Delk, finished 11th. That wife-beater wearing ginger Justin Smith finished 13th. And Hevad Khan was 14th.

Get full results here.

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A Bunch of Friends and Family Lead WPT Southern Poker Championship But Whatever Vanessa Rousso Talks About the SI Swimsuit Issue

The WPT Southern Poker Championship is in the money with a leaderboard that can best be described as "anti-star-studded." Or would that be unstar-studded? Or would that be dim lightbulb-studded? Anyone?

The friends and family dim lightbulb-studded top five are: Allen Carter (776,000), Tyler Smith (695,000), Stewart Yancik (619,000), Florian Langmann (603,000), Soheil Shamseddin (560,000).

Also still alive (although short-stacked) is Vanessa Rousso, who went to Duke. Although for SEO purposes we may be extending that to "SI Swimsuit Model Vanessa Rousso, who went to Duke." She caught up with Amanda Leatherman and confirms that: 1) she will be in the SI Swimsuit edition for sure, 2) it comes out in late February, 3) she has no idea what the pics look like yet, and 4) she's wearing half of a wetsuit top and bikini bottom in one and a light blue bikini in the other.

So there you have it. Get full chip counts here.


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Chino Rheem Wins WPT Copy+Paste Title

Looks like we were slightly off on which major tournament Chino Rheem was going to win.

Chino Rheem is running good.

After a poker career that for years wasn't too bad, wasn't too good, Chino has figured it out in 2008. He final tabled two WSOP tourneys (including the Main Event), and now, after never even having one World Poker Tour cash in his name, he has won the WPT Copy+Paste title.

Chino beat Justin Young heads-up for the win, banking $1,538,730. Young takes home $936,760.

Of note, Chino was NOT wearing a Poker Stars patch. Why? They dropped him. Chino had the biggest and most vocal support group at the final table and plenty of friends in the pro ranks, but behind the scenes he hasn't been worth the hassle for Stars, apparently. Like we always say though, can you really ever be mad at a guy named Chino?

The rest of the final table payouts were: Evan McNiff ($540,440), Steve Sung ($396,206), Amnon Filippi ($288,235), and Hoyt Corkins ($216,175).

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Chino Rheem, Hoyt Corkins, Amnon Filippi Gun for WPT Copy+Paste Title

Wpt-logo The WPT has once of its most pro-packed final tables in awhile at the Copy+Paste.

All six remaining players are full-time pros, and most of those are people you've actually heard of before too.

Leading the way is Steve Sung, stacked at 5,885,000. Sung has $1.4M in career earnings and a second place finish at the WPT Bay 101 event earlier this year.

He's followed by Evan McNiff with 4,805,000. McNiff is the only member of the McNiff/de Knijff combo to make the final table. He has five in-the-monies this year, including three cashes at the 2008 WSOP.

The rest of the final table includes former November NineTM hostage Chino Rheem (4,240,000) (note to Amanda NOT ask him how he feels about being knocked out if he doesn't win the event...don't do it), Amnon Filippi (2,750,000), Justin Young (2,410,000), and Hoyt Corkins (2,295,000).

Follow the final table action later today here.

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Benjamin Straaaaaaaaaaaate Leads WPT Copy+Paste with 18 Remaining

Wpt-logo We're not going to sit here and tell you that we haven't heard of Benjamin Straaaaaaaaaate before today, but let's just say that, before today, we've never heard of Benjamin Straaaaaaaate.

Straaate finished Day 3 of the WPT Copy+Paste stacked at 3,197,000. We'd tell you more if we knew more.

Plenty of big names remain. How big? Well have you ever fucking heard of Mike Matusow (1,435,000), Amnon Filippi (1,374,000), Robert Mizrachi (1,266,000), Chino Rheem (1,200,000), Clonie Gowen, a woman (1,049,000), and Nick Schulman (480,000) before?

Also still remaining are Evan McNiff (1,532,000) and Martin de Knijff (298,000), leaving open the potential of a McNiff vs. de Knijff heads-up battle. Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten are literally creaming themselves for that one, "Oh boy, McNiff and de Knijff are playing some great poker. De Knijff has had McNiff on the ropes, but McNiff has had a good read on de Knijff and keeps cutting into his stack..." or maybe not.

Get full chip counts here.

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Hot New Poker Chick Among WPT Copy+Past Chip Leaders?

Meet Elizabeth Montizanti, a woman.

Only 55 remain at the WPT Copy+Paste. Among them is Elizabeth Montizanti, a woman, stacked at 431,000 (slightly above average).

And since any moderately attractive girl remaining in any tournament with 55 left (even if that tournament started with 56) is pretty signficant poker news, well, there you have it.

Montizanti, and everyone else, trails chip leader Evan McNiff, who is stacked at 1,035,000. In second overall is Chino Rheem with 905,000. Some other big named big stacks include Steve Sung (787,000), Nick Schulman (720,000), Hoyt Corkins (681,000), Amnon Filippi (597,000), Robert Mizrachi (584,000), David Benyamine (571,000), and Clonie Gowen, a woman (505,000).

Get full chip counts here.

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Clonie Gowen, A Woman, Among Chip Leaders at WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Poker Classic


Clonie Gowen is having one helluva year, for a woman.

She's got two six figure wins under her belt in 2008, for a woman.

She's got a $40 mil lawsuit in the works that kicks the crap out of just about any divorce settlement, for a woman.

And she's killing it at the ridiculously long-named (copy+paste) WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Poker Classic, for a woman.

At the end of Day 2, Gowen is among the big stacks, for a woman, sitting fourth overall with 405,000. She trails Justin Young, who is stacked at 550,000.

Other big named big stacks include but are certainly not limited to the suddenly resurgent Kido Pham (400,000), Antonio Esfandiari (336,000), David Benyamine (335,000), Phil Hellmuth (335,000), Tuan Le (310,000), creepy as fuck Rene Angelil (283,500), and Dutch Boyd (275,000).

Get full chip counts here.

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Paul Niemela Old, Leads WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic

Wpt-logoWe don't know much about Paul Niemela. He's up there in age. Enjoying the golden years. Probably can't relinquish any pocket pair or crappy suited Ace. Probably can't bluff him because he'll call with said pocket pair or crappy suited Ace on the river. But he has a string of moderate cashes over the past five years and he has a huge chip lead at Day 1B of the ridiculously long named WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

Niemela is stacked at 266,775. He's followed by Carlos Mortensen with 160,000.

Day 1B will carry over 225 players. In all about 375 remain.

Follow Day 2 action here.

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Is It Phil Hellmuth's Time to Capture First WPT Title?

Phil Hellmuth dominated Day 1A play, but unfortunately THO Girl was nowhere to be found.

Guess Phil Hellmuth wasn't one of the many who got too hungover from the Poker Royalty five-year anniversary party, as he dominated Day 1A play at the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Poker Classic.

With a field of 203 entrants, Hellmuth finished play as chip leader, stacked at 188,150. He's followed by Gary Gibbs with 169,075.

Apparently you don't want to get on Clonie Gowen's bad side. After smacking Full Tilt founders with a $40M lawsuit, Clonie has continued her year-end spite-fest (we love us some spite) by ending Day 1A third overall in chips with 162,550. Our nominee for comeback player of the year, Kido Pham, is fourth at 153,000.

Tons of big names remain. Get full chip counts here.

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Jonathan Little Wins Second WPT Title

WptlogoNothing else going on so not sure why it took so long to get to this, but Jonathan Little won his second WPT title by capturing the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

Little defeated Jonathan Jaffe heads-up for the title. For the win, Jonathan Little banked $1,120,310. Jaffe took home $670,636.

In related news, David "The Dragon" Pham* failed to capture yet another WPT title after making something like his 197th final table.

The rest of the final table payouts went Charles Marchese ($337,256), the aforementioned David "The Dragon" Pham** ($240,344), Jack Schanbacher ($182,196), Mike Matusow ($124,048).

* Not a real dragon.
** Not a real dragon.

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Hey! Over Here! We Have a Final Table Too!

We'll make this super quick since we need to start gearing up for the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table. Ten played down to six at the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals, an ironic name for a tournament that's taking place during the WSOP Main Event final table conclusion.

It's a solid final table. Jonathan Jaffe, who has been at or near the chip lead the entire tournament, takes the big stack to final table play with 4,131,000. More importantly, after probably thinking, "I've been at or near the chip lead this whole damn tournament. Who do I have to fuck to win the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day around here?"...well, he won the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day. Whew for him. Watch his reaction below or here.

In second overall is David "The Dragon" Pham* with 2,038,000. While The Dragon** has made something like 147 WPT final tables, he's still looking for his first title.

Joining him at the final table are Jonathan Little (2,021,000), Charles Marchese (1,718,000), Jack Schanbacher (1,592,000), and Mike Matusow (816,000).

Get full chip counts he--wait, just reread the last paragraph.

* Not a real dragon.
** Not a real dragon.

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Hey! Hey Look Over Here! WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals Down to 10

Since there are some big names remaining (including one of our favorite nicknames and one we just retired), we'll go ahead and report that only 10 are left at the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals although we know your attention is likely focused elsewhere.

Mike Matusow not only holds the chip lead, stacked at 1,857,000, but he also won his first Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day (video below). Now Mike can enjoy delicious almonds for a year-- a healthy food alternative for a guy who cleaned up, dieted, and has turned his life around. It's a classic win-win situation right there.

Jonathan Jaffe, who has been at or near the top of the chip lead the entire tournament, is stacked second overall with 1,780,000. Also still alive are Jonathan Little (1,407,000) and David "The Dragon" Pham* (1,242,000).

Get a full recap here.

* Not a real dragon.

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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow Makes a Charge at WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals; WCP Retires His Nickname With This Post

WptlogoDay 3 ended at the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals with 33 players remaining and some big names atop the leaderboard.

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, whose nickname we're retiring with this post because in order to have a nickname people outside of the media actually have to call you that on occasion, closed strong ending up second overall in chips with 1,076,000. He only slightly trails yesterday's chip leader Jonathan Jaffe, who is stacked at 1,100,000.

A couple of other strong closers yesterday were Jonathan Little (477,000) and the still sober Gavin Smith (375,000). Both sit with above average chip stacks.

Other notables remaining include the vastly underrated/Marxist-Lenonist-looking Alex Bolotin (435,500), Phil Ivey (225,500), Bill Gazes (214,500), David "The Dragon" Pham* ** (192,000), half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (154,500), and Kevin Saul (93,000).

Daniel Negreanu just missed making it to Day 4, finishing in 35th, but with this cash, ties the record for most all-time WPT-in-the-monies at 17. He now shares the record with Erik Seidel, Barry Greenstein, and Lee Markholt-Watkinson.

Follow the action today (if you're not following WSOP Main Event final table play) here.

* Not a real dragon.
** Never retiring that nickname. Ever.

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Jonathan Jaffe Leads WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals

WptlogoPlay has just gotten underway for Day 3 of the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

Currently, 90 of the starting 412 remain. Jonathan Jaffe holds the chip lead, stacked at 491,000.

Other notables still in the field include a bunch of bolded names such as half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (258,400), Chris "Jesus" Ferguson (239,800), Toto Leonidas (214,200), Kevin Saul (199,700), Phil Ivey (187,900), Gavin Smith (187,800), David "The Dragon" Pham* (123,200), Glum Girl Svetlana Gromenkova (120,700), pwner of Foxwoods tourneys Raj Patel (119,300), Erik Seidel (114,000), Bill Gazes (101,400), Daniel Negreanu (98,000), Jason Potter (90,000), Jonathan Little (85,900), Michael Binger (84,500), and what the hell why not Jason Mercier (51,000).

Follow the action here.

In unrelated news, this.

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Phil Ivey Leads WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals

WPT events have been filling Phil Ivey's wallet this year.

While most of the poker world is looking ahead to the WSOP Main Event final table on Sunday, the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals just concluded its two Day 1's, ending up with a stellar 412 entrants and $1,120,310 first prize.

Jason Potter (this guy) and Phil Ivey (this guy)* are atop the leaderboard, both stacked just over 183,000.

Plenty of big names among the big stacks. They include but are certainly not limited to Kevin Saul (135,350), Jonathan Little (131,400), the still running good Gavin Smith (124,325), and David "The Dragon" Pham** (109,200).

Get full chip counts here.

* It's cool, we voted for Obama.
** Not a real dragon.

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Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier Wins WPT Festa al Lago

Given his chip lead going into final table play, no real shocker that Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier captured the WPT Festa al Lago championship at the Bellagio in Las Vegas yesterday.

Elky weilded is big stack aggressively (not as hot as it soundsTM), moving all-in in (not as hot as it soundsTM) time after time, pounding the rest of the guys at the table into submission (definitely not as hot as it sounds).

By the time Elky got heads-up with Nam Le, he held a 15-1 chip advantage, and wasted little time closing out him out and claiming the championship.

Elky banks $1,411,015 for the win and his first WPT title.

The rest of the final table pay-outs went: Nam Le ($943,215), Oddie Dardon ($506,245), Nenad Medic ($373,010), Adam "Roothlus" Levy ($266,445), and William Mietz ($186,510).

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Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier Leads WPT Festa al Lago Final Table

WptlogoWhat was supposed to be a short session dragged out for awhile, as it took 9 hours for 12 to play to 6.

But the TV final table for the WPT Festa al Lago is set, with Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier as the chip leader, stacked at 6,420,000.

The rest of the final table is lumped together, with Nam Le second overall (2,275,000), followed by Odie Dardon (2,070,000),  Nenad Medic (2,035,000), Will Mietz (1,400,000), and Adam "Roothlus" Levy (1,370,000).

Joe Sebok just missed out on another TV final table, getting knocked out in 9th place.

And that's that.

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Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier Leads WPT Festa al Lago With 12 Remaining

Should be a short day tomorrow, as the remaining 12 at the WPT Festa al Lago will play down to the TV final table of six.

Leading Day 4 was Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (this guy) with 2,039,000. He's followed by Odie Dardon (Garfield's dog?) with 1,959,000. Speaking of Garfield, if you haven't seen Garfield Minus Garfield, go there right now.

Other big names remaining include Michael DeMichele (1,717,000), Joe Sebok (1,470,000), Nenad Medic (1,435,000), Nam Le (1,149,000), and Andrew Robl (1,087,000).

Play begins at noon PST Saturday. Get full chip counts here.

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Plenty of Big Names Remain in WPT Festa al Lago

WptlogoThe money bubble burst yesterday in the WPT Festa al Lago after a three-way all-in knock-out (not as hot as it sounds) between Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Tilly, and Ted Lawson. All three split the 50th place money prize of $21,315.

Play ended with 34 remaining and many big names. Not included in the "big names" category are the two chip leaders, Ryan Fair (1,331,000) and William Mietz (1,217,000). They're followed by Bertrand Grospellier (1,151,000), Joe Sebok (1,100,000), and Nenad Medic (925,000).

Others still in the mix include but are not limited to Brad Booth (616,000), Nam Le (557,000), the Intense Stare of Scott Clements (552,000), Daniel Alaei (546,000), Bryan Devonshire (485,000), Michael DeMichele (475,000), Andrew Robl (400,000), Dutch Boyd (366,000), Isaac Baron (325,000), Justin Bonomo (300,000), Sabyl Cohen-Landrum, a woman (282,000), Erica Schoenberg, a woman (140,000), and J.J. Liu, a woman (21,000).

Get full chip counts here.

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Daniel Negreanu WPT Festa al Lago Chip Leader, Will Eat the Almonds

Daniel Negreanu chipleader at festa al lagoDaniel Negreanu has won just about every possible accolade one can win in poker...except...the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day.

Until now.

Because now he's won the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day. And he's actually the first person truly stoked about it, since he likes almonds (explained below). Blue Diamond Almonds, hook Negreanu up with a sponsorship or something. Make it happen, Blue Diamond Almonds.

Hook us up with one too, while you're at it. We even just gave you a new content category.

Negreanu ended Day 2 at the WPT Festa al Lago as the overwhelming chip leader stacked at 515,000. Speaking of overwhelming chip leaders, yesterday's overwhelming chip leader, Antonio Esfandiari, failed to make it to Day 3. So there's that. Anyway Negreanu is followed by (unofficial but close counts) Justin Bonomo (345,000), Jennifer Tilly, a woman (330,800), Joe Sebok (320,000), Isaac Haxton (320,000), Dutch Boyd (317,000), and the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran (285,000).

104 of the initial 368 remain. Get full chip counts here.

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Brian Rast Leads Day 1B of WPT Festa al Lago, Yet Fails to Capture Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day

Nenad_medic_serb_pokerStarting Day 2 second in chips didn't taste nearly as sweet for Nenad Medic without winning a year's supply of Blue Diamond Almonds.

With 211 players entering Day 1B play (raising the total to 368), the WPT Festa al Lago is breaking records, people. First place will bank over $1.4M, meaning Mike Sexton is about ready to cream himself knowing he'll get to say that "a new WPT millionaire will be crowned!" during the final table broadcast.

The big story yesterday was that Brian Rast ended the Day 1B as chip leader, stacked at 206,225, yet failed to win the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day. So you'd think it'd go to Nenad Medic, who was second overall with 167,250, right?


Instead Ryan Young won the coveted year supply of almonds, finishing third overall with 156,725. Find out why by watching the below vid. But you know Rast is thinking, "Who do I have to blow to win a year's supply of almonds around here?" We feel ya, Rast. We feel ya.

In other tournament news, the above few paragraphs indicate that nobody came remotely close to Antonio Esfandiari's redunkulous Day 1A chip lead of 313,000. Let's see if Esfandiari can ride that out to his first WPT final table appearance since the Reagan administration.

Other big to semi-big named Day 1B big stacks include Toto Leonidas (149,775), Doug Lee (144,500), Brad "Yukon" Booth (123,,500), uber-hot Vivek Rajkumar (108,550), David Chiu (103,300), Erica Schoenberg (97,750), and Shawn Sheikhan (93,750).

Get full Day 1B chip counts here.

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Michael Phelps Making the Rounds at WPT Festa al Lago; Antonio Esfandiari Leads Day 1A

Wptlogo_2After taking a year off while the Fontana Room in the Bellagio was getting a face-lift, the WPT Festa al Lago returned yesterday, brining in 153 players for Day 1A.

While Antonio Esfandiari jumped out to a "redunkulous" (copyright Dr. Pauly) chip lead with 313,000 (nearest guys is Nicholas Sliwinski at 209,800), the main talk all around was Michael Phelps' appearance during level 3 of tournament play.

Phelps showed up escorted by (big surprise) Phil Hellmuth. We imagine the conversation had a very Mark Wahlberg Talk to Animals feel to it:

Hellmuth: "Hey I'm Phil Hellmuth, you know me. So you're Michael Phelps right, what's that all about? You won 8 gold medals. I have 11 bracelets."

Players gawked. Phelps shook hands. Life went on. Rumor is Phelps may sign up for Day 1B. We'll see.

Other notables big stacks include Jennifer Tilly, a woman (195,050), Joe Sebok (142,050), Johnny Chan (138,000), Isaac Baron (116,825), Chau Giang (115,025), Allen Cunningham (105,825), Daniel Negreanu (99,325), Doyle Brunson (94,200), Johnny "World" Hennigan (76,825), and the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran (71,550).

Get a full recap here.

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Gavin Smith Does Not Win WPT North American Poker Championship

Gavin_smith_wpt_napcAn on-the-wagon Gavin Smith falls short of his second WPT title at the NAPC in Canada.

The only storyline we were interested in at the WPT North American Poker Championship, ironically being held in Canada, was if Gavin Smith won the event while remaining sober, but he didn't, because like we said yesterday great things don't happen to you when you're not drinking. Sure "good" things may happen, like actually making it home safely at the end of the night, but that isn't nearly as fun as waking up with a hangover in the backseat of your car in some alley outside a night club with some hot naked girl named, well, who cares what her name is. It's not like you're going to marry her. Or at least you didn't plan to. Hi honey, if you're reading this.

The win in Canada went to hometurfer Glen Witmer, a 67-year-old retired igloo salesmen/real estate broker who was playing at his first televised final table. Smith finished second and Kathy Liebert, a woman and the sole US American at the table, ended up third.

Full final table results below:

1. Glen Witmer $1,090,589
2. Gavin Smith $532,545
3. Kathy Liebert $277,684
4. Ryan Fisler $228,234
5. Mark Karam $171,175
6. James Trenholm $133,137

Check out the WPT live blog from the event here.

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Gavin Smith Guns for Second WPT Title; Kathy Liebert, A Woman, Goes for #1

All of our experiences with heavy drinking led to positives things in life. It magically turned slightly unattractive girls into dime models and helped us beat up guys twice our size with the help of about a dozen of our fraternity brothers. It was like some mystical beauty pill and liquid spinach all rolled up into one.

So hearing stories about good things happening when you're not drinking barely even computes to us, but apparently Gavin Smith is breaking the mold here. He's like a sober Lewis & Clark.

Gavin had a good late run at the WPT North American Poker Championship (ironically being held in Canada), chipping up to 2,815,000. That's good for second overall going into final table play. For those keeping tabs at home, this makes Gavin's fourth WPT final table, and he's the only one of the remaining six with a win (the Mirage Poker Showdown in '05).

Gavin, who is focused (see below) and our official pick to win it, only trails fellow Canadian Glen Witmer, who is making his first WPT final table, and at 67 years old, let's face it, could be his last. Witmer is stacked at 3,710,000.

The rest of the final table is filled out by Canadian Ryan "gotskillz" Fisler at 2,285,000, Canadian Marc Karam at 1,850,000, the sole U.S. American, Kathy Liebert, a woman, at 1,620,000, and Canadian fire-fighter James Trenholm at 1,365,000.

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